Philly Dopefest in December! Let's do it!

Well apparently Geobabe’s miniskirt isn’t getting enough use because she has talked me into trying to arrange a Philadelphia Dopefest some weekend December. So let’s hear from all of you out there! Let me know what date is best for you all, so we can show the City of Brotherly Love how its done!


You know I can’t possibly make it!



Hmm. 150 miles. Somewhere in the vicinity of 2 and a half hours.

Anyone want to ride 150 miles to Philly with me? I’m not a definite yes (seeing as we haven’t decided upon a weekend yet), but I’m definitely interested.

Ah, the wonders of Philadelphia… the liberty bell, the… er… um…

cream cheese.

I am strangely interested. But a whole weekend?

I’ll be in Dallas from 11/26-12/07 and have to work the 2nd weekend in December, so I could only come the 22nd/23rd, or the weekend after xmas.

As I have previously stated, I am available (very) every weekend after Thanksgiving.

I’ll be in town December 22 - 29 and would love to attend.


A chance to meet the (very) available Geobabe in her miniskirt?

How could I not attend?

I’ll be there! :slight_smile:

Hey I live here! cool…Depending on how big the crowd is i can have a BBQ in my backyard. I’m a grilling freak, I have lots of room, the street I live on doesn’t care how loud I am on the weekends. Anytime is good for me after Thanksgiving but Christmastime could be kinda tight. Let me know, I’ll be hanging, I’ll be hanging.

I have to talk to the boss, but put Anniz and I down as a maybe.

Where will we meet? South Street?

Looks like the three best days are December 22, 23 or 29.

December 22, 23 or 29 are good for me. I’m in!


All right let’s make it official. December 22nd/23rd is the date. The 29th gets sucked up with family things every year.

Now the fun parts of deciding the where as I know everyone has there own favorite parts of Philly. I am West Philly based but of course can get anywhere fairly easily.

The Redding Terminal Market, South Street, and Briminator’s backyard have been suggested. Philly certainly doesn’t lack for bar/restaurant’s so I am sure we can find something to suit everyone’s tastes.

Well, since Supergirlfriend is currently living in Harrisburg/Philly, I shall do my best to get out there then. At this point. no promises. A lot of it is going to depend on whether she and I are gonna be able to see each other. Kinda iffy right now, since she’s married and all. But we’ll see.

I think I could do the 22nd or 23rd, I gotta see how my x-mas plans are going. I live in the Queen Village area, I’m down for just about anywhere, I figure it would be a little chilly for BBQing for everyone but I don’t care, we will see what happens.

If y’all want to see me in my miniskirt, we need to be inside, since this will be December after all. Other than that, I don’t know Philly well enough to have any input as to location. Just tell me where and when to show up and there I will be.

If TruePisces and lurkernomore make the trek, or any other doper from NY, I’m up for bumming a ride! :slight_smile:

december is not good for me. my fam. has 6 birthdays in dec & early jan. family stuff every weekend until after christmas.


OK, I’m in! Sounds like we can slide this par-tay right into Christmas, at least for the locals.


Aw, nuts.

I’m not getting in until very late the 22nd (like midnight, which I suppose is still possible, if y’all wanted to come pick me up at the airport or something :wink: ), and I have definitive plans the evening of the 23rd (as one of two reasons why I’m coming home at all). It’d have to be after the 25th, methinks, unless you wanted to hang out and wait for me on the 22nd. :wink:


My folks have given in to the call of their heritage and moved to the land of the Jewish people, Florida. I’ll be visiting them, my Uncle Max, my sister, brother-in-law, and niece ( one year old as of Oct 11) through February.

I am upset that I will miss the chance to meet fellow Dopers in person and learn their profound wisdom. Also, it would be fun to form the Straight Dope militia, seize control of a karaoke bar and declare it a sovereign nation.

“We do not recognise your laws. We have no extradition treaties. We are willing to trade with your country. This is because we are running low on cocktail peanuts.”