DC/MD/VA Dopers: Labor Day Weekend cookout at RT's!

Here’s the plan: I’ll grill hamburgers, Boca burgers, and hotdogs, and have enough beer, soft drinks, and chips on hand to get us started, and if my fellow lunatics can bring side dishes and add to the beer/chips/etc. supply, we oughta be in business. :slight_smile:

We’ll start in the mid-afternoon and keep it rolling as late as we can last. We’ll also have Frisbees and other distractions; feel free to bring other entertaining stuff from your toy bins.

So, any preferences between Saturday and Sunday? I figure Monday’s out because we’ve got to drag our tired bodies back to work the next morning.

I’m tentatively saying yes . . . RT, how far are you, again, from the general DC area? I jest wanna get an idea for how long/far I’d be driving.

And as always my offer for rides from Vienna Metro is extended to those dopers (within limits) who want to take advantage.

[sub]Perverts . . . [/sub]

Patrick - From Beltway Exit 11 (Pennsylvania Ave./MD 4) in Maryland, it’s about 27-30 minutes to my house.

From the general vicinity of the Vienna Metro, it’ll probably take you about 1/2 hour to get to Exit 11, so figure an hour, altogether.

RT, my brother…

Much as we’d both like to join you the three of us will be vacationing in Florida that week, looking for Alligators to wrestle and wine to drink.

I really wish we could make it. I usually love Labor Day get togethers.

If it’s on Saturday or Sunday, I will almost certainly have to work, but I will definitely have Monday off. Any chance of reconsidering Monday?

For my favorite fellow Firesign fanatic (how do you like all that alliteration?), I’ll definitely think about it. After all, I don’t have a long drive home afterwards! :slight_smile:

But let me talk to my wife, and also see what works for other people. On Fathom, some of the NC contingent have expressed an interest, and that may be a factor too.

I’ll check my social calendar (I’ll ask Mrs. Spritle) and let you know what that weekend looks like. Her aunt usually does a picnic, and sometimes my mum does, but I’ll see if we can blow them off.

Will get back to you on this.

The Bluesman/Lucretia clan is definitely a maybe. Keep us posted!

Jonathan, my friend, I will be disappointed not to see you, but I’m looking forward to Halloween. (Gotta start planning my costume.)

Spritle, I hope you and the missus can make it. Ditto you and Bluesman, Lucretia!

Here’s a link to the Fathom thread about this gathering, just to get everything connected properly.

If I get a car before that weekend and if I feel comfortable driving at nights, I will certainly pop in.

Hoping to make it…

Due to the brilliance of the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm, Anniz and I will not be getting married Labor Day weekend. If we’re lucky, she’ll be flying over to the U.S. that Saturday, in fact.

So, if she’s here, and not too jet-lagged from the trip, we’ll consider showing up. But, don’t count on it.

If she’s not here by then, I’ll be able to come alone, but probably will be too depressed to do so.

That sounds intriguing…

I’m am definatly considering, but I cannot commit right now. Mark me off as a maybe. If I go, I’ll probably be taking iampunha’s offer of a ride, since I’m not too far from Fairfax.


ramesh, I’d love to meet you - hope you can make it!

Sterling, I’ve enjoyed your posts here and at Fathom for quite some time. C’mon and join the party!

Montfort - needless to say, I hope for your sake that Anniz gets here as soon as possible. Hope you can make it, preferably with her, but if you’re still without her, there will be beer to drown your sorrows in.

I’ll be in Atlanta tomorrow thru Thursday; I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get to a computer with Internet access, but if I can, I’ll check in on this thread. If not, I’ll bump it Thursday night.

I’m back. Time to bump this puppy.

She bought her ticket the other day, so she’ll be here on 1 September. As we’ll be busy that night, we may or may not emerge from hiding to come to your Dopefest.

But, if we do, we’ll have big smiles on our faces. :smiley:

Montfort, I’m delighted for you both!

I still have to choose which day this is gonna be on. Might the two of you be out of bed by the latter part of Sunday 9/2?

Now that I think about it, probably not! :smiley:

And an extra change of clothes:D


[sub]That’s two consecutive threads I’ve run out of. ::pant pant pant::[/sub]

Take a minute to catch your breath, Patrick! :slight_smile:

One last try to see what the level of interest is. Who’s coming, who’s on the fence, who’s out?

We’re out. :frowning:

Anniz will probably have jetlag, and I have somewhere to be late afternoon here in Rockville, so we’re going to have to pass.

Try to have fun without us. :frowning: