o/~ o/~ On the Road Again....

Wow, you left so fast the hamsters didn’t even catch the OP.

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Wonderful. Lost connection, though in such cases the post usually goes through (the updating of databases for the new post and sending the thread back to one’s computer is what takes so long).


Starting on Thursday, September 12, I’ll have to travel north to my old home town, returning that weekend, give or take. I’d asked in the OP if there were people who were interested in an impromptu get-together somewhere along the route or within 100 miles or so of it that weekend.

The prospective itinerary for the return trip is:

Watertown NY > Syracuse NY > Binghamton NY > Scranton PA > Wilkes-Barre PA > Hazleton PA > Harrisburg PA > Frederick MD > Washington DC > Fredericksburg VA > Richmond VA > Petersburg VA > Rocky Mount NC

I can vary from this by things like Bloomsburg PA, Baltimore MD, etc., if there are people who want to try to get together.

Poly, this DC-area Doper would love to get together with you. Check your email!


Some time when you are passing through the DC Metro area, please stop long enough for dinner, on me, somewhere convenient. And of course Mrs. Polycarp, if she is along. You can even bring Firefly!

If you let people know, there is pretty much no possibility that this won’t turn into a major meeting, though, so we will need to be pretty open forum about it, eventually. (I am Triskadecamus@hotmail.com now, the Triskadecamus web site is no more, and its associated email is defunct.)


This DC-area Doper would also love to meet you. I’m almost giddy writing this … just the prospect of meeting you …

This is looking promising indeed! I would certainly be willing to drive over to the Fairfax/Vienna side of the area for this get-together, if that turns out to be where most of the interested parties are.

Polycarp, if you’d be willing to wander a bit further west on your Pennsylvania leg, I’d be honored to meet you. I’m a little under 200 miles west of Harrisburg, or a bit closer to Frederick, but for you, I’ll drive at least 100 of that myself (one way). For that matter, Guinastasia, if you’re reading and interested, you’re welcome to come along.



We should plan this for maximum Polyfication. I am no longer a pedestrian, so the entire Virgina/DC area is fine for me. I don’t get out much, so I can’t really list a bunch of nice dinner places, but am willing to bet there are half a dozen within a mile of whatever you pick as a reachable landmark.


Let us know what sort of dinner would be most interesting, steak and such, there’s an Old Country Buffet, in Fairfax that not to hard to find, and lots of sea food and chineese places. Here in Fairfax we have a couple of Indian resturants, Vienna has a Greek place, if I remember correctly.

Others should speak up quickly if a more DC ward place is needed for them to make it. (I seldom cross the big water, so I can’t make much in the way of suggestions, but am willing to go into town if it works out better for others.)


The Amphora, I think, is the Greek place to which you refer, Tris. I would not personally suggest this place as it … how to say this …

I don’t think it could handle us:) But maybe I’m imagining the typical dopefest to be a bit rowdier than this will be.

However, in general, given a person’s preference food-wise, there’s something in DC or nearby that suffices.

That’s the place, Iampunha and I will defer to your assessment, since it has been twenty years since I was last in the place. (Although they didn’t throw us out, and we were, . . . let’s see how to say this . . . eminently ejectable.) Perhaps times change, after all. I haven’t been thrown out of anywhere in years.


Good thing you didn’t say maximum Polygamy. :wink:

The Cheap Eats section of Washingtonian Magazine usually has some good suggestions. This year’s list has Italian, Indian, Afghan, and Thai restaurants, and that’s just in Vienna. Nearby, there’s everything from Persian to Peruvian. Poly, whenever you return to this thread, let us know what sort of cuisine you’d like to sample!


Well, what I plan is to leave early Saturday, and can vary my route west to Hagerstown or points a bit west on I-70 if the CJ/Guinastasia rendesvous contingent can identify a plausible meeting point.

Then on to DC/NoVa, where I would be thrilled to have dinner with the Fireflies, Pun, and Tris (and try to nag Mrs. Firefly into posting, perhaps by threatening her with what I know about her teenage-years idols? ;)) Cuisine is optional, though I’m not a heavy meat-eater, so a steakhouse-type place would be out. I like flavorful, mildly spicy food and recall from past Dopefests that a setting with extraneous noise tends to make for difficult conversation, so I’ll let you DC-area folks choose accordingly. (I am very fond of Italian cuisine, FWIW, but by no means insistent on it, and up for trying something different.)

I’ll need directions to both rendesvous posted here by 5:00 Wednesday in order to be able to see and print them and make appropriate side trips. I expect to be using I-270 to I-495 (west part) to I-95 as the route to detour from, and am vaguely familiar with Chain Bridge Road and Leesburg Pike in the Vienna area.

Lemme know here what everybody puts together.

I’m on the West Coast, so sadly I can’t participate, but…

In the subject, what does o/~ mean? Cuz it looks like a sperm with a CB antenna.

Hmm. While not The Finest Dining Ever, two places strike me … That’s Amore and The Olive Garden. I was just at the Vienna installment of That’s Amore a few weeks ago, and it’s a restaurant with tablecloths, if that means anything. Food’s pretty good and not too pricey. I’ll try and nab phantomdiver for this one, as she usually uses the excuse of “Oh, but it’s so far away” to avoid dopefests;).

Olive Garden is more laid back and casual, so that might be a better option. Whatever y’all want is OK by me.

Oh, Cervaise … it’s not a sperm, it’s a note. Like sheetmusic:)

Ok, we are on, Olive Garden at 8133 LEESBURG PIKE, VIENNA, VA 22182, Poly picks the time, I will make the reservations, so far we are four, possibly six, and counting.

There is a map here and a link to get directions from your house.

Mr. and Mrs. Poly are my guests for the event, the rest of you guys are on your own.


PS: Actually, I think that’s an eighth note.

That works for us, Tris - the missus and I should both be there, and Poly can try to get her to sign up. (Good luck - I’ve been trying for years!)

Poly, do you need a place to stay Saturday night before resuming your southbound trip? While it’s about 45 minutes out of your way, you know the facilities at Chez Firefly are topnotch. :slight_smile:

BTW, I want to state for the record that I’m jealous that Poly might get to meet Guin and cj, both of whom I dearly want to meet one of these days.

Ladies, can either or both of you be talked into coming to Jonathan Chance’s Dope-A-Ween party the Saturday before Halloween? JC’s place is out near Harper’s Ferry, which means it should be in your general direction. Please? :slight_smile:

Olive Garden it is. I’m hoping to make DC about 6:00-7:00 but have no definite clue. A phone number dropped in my e-mail would be appreciated (RT, I no longer have yours thought I ought to).

Yes, I would be very grateful to be put up Saturday night. Barb will not be with me this expedition.

There’ll be fresh sheets on the guest bed, then. And my phone number should be in your email inbox. :slight_smile: