MADs: Fall Folliage Fest in the mountains of Western Maryland!

Well, as you may know, I was contemplating having Dope-A-Ween here, but the timing just wouldn’t work out. So I did a little research, and have discovered that the trees in the mountains are supposed to be in the midst of changing in mid-October. This would seem to indicate that October 16th (a Saturday) would be a good time for a DopeFest. You can come up on Saturday, stay over if you’d like (I have limited sleeping capacity, and would be happy to check on hotel prices), and see the Fall Folliage™ on Sunday. Who’s interested?

Now, I need some help from you guys. My sister (let’s call her FrogLady for now) and her SO (who we’ll call SamIAm) would make great Dopers. I think I would be able to convince them to join if they attended a DopeFest. So I need everyone’s best efforts in talking them into coming. I’m going to email her a link to this thread as soon as I get some good replies, so come on guys, talk my sister into being a Doper!

Og help me, I’m getting a roung of “The frog is not a doper, the frog is not a doper, hi ho the derry-o, the frog is not a doper.” going in my head.

[sub]Someone will doubtless need that explained.[/sub]

Someone like me?

Well, I wasn’t there but I believe Pun is referring to a Dopefest possibly at Dave the Weird’s place where gobear brought goboyfriend who was not a doper and the result of a seemingly innocent round of sing-song was that the goboyfiend couldn’t be talked into attending another dopefest again.

This probably isn’t the way to talk FrogLady and SamIam into joining our ranks.

Nope. At a Dope-A-Ween a few years back at Jonathan Chance’s house, gobear brought his non-Doper SO. Said SO was dressed in a cow costume. Therefore, “the cow is not a Doper.”


As I said, pencil the Doorses in. At minimum, it’ll be me and Aaron. It’ll be during midterms, but considering how the semester is shaping up so far, I’ll need the break.


Okay, guys, I appreciate the effort you’re all making, but telling tales of how a Doper brought a non-Doper to a Fest and scared the non-Doper away from future Fests is not helping my cause!

I was only explaining the source of “the cow is not a Doper.” As long as costumes aren’t involved, we’re a fun bunch!


Okay, I’ll be sure to tell them no costumes!

I’ve got you and Aaron penciled in. Sure hope Dave can make it, too.

Well blast. Here I was going to link to an old post detailing the specifics of The Cow is not a Doper and I can’t bloody find it.

gobear and goyboyfriend (gobear used to be goboy, hence the name - and that explanation makes me feel ooooold) went to DaW 2001. gobear went as a zombie-type and goboyfriend went as a cow.

Now, if you know much about Jonathan Chance digs, you know that more than a few of those in attendance are not dopers in the SDMB sense (I make no claim to knowledge of any other qualifying “doper” status). There were also more than a few folks there who, while dopers, didn’t know many other dopers by face. Further, more than one asked “who is that guy in the cow costume?”

So, when I had heard that question for the third or fourth time, I thought it would be amusing (having not nearly my current clue about goboyfriend’s preference for people not singing loud silly songs about him) to break out in song. “The cow is not a doper,” I started, in the manner of “The cheese stands alone.”

A few people joined in. “The cow is not a doper,” we continued.

“Hi, ho, the derry-o … the cow is not a doper!” By the time we ended, most of the room had joined in. There aren’t many adult crowds where that would fly, and I love that it did there.

Well, for most of us. goboyfriend was not entirely thrilled and looked like … well, not pleased to be the center of that much attention.

Tell FrogLady and SamIam that I promise not to start silly sing-a-longs about them if they come. Since my presence is far from guaranteed at this point, they should feel fairly safe.

[sub]The cow is not a doper…[/sub]

We’re a fun bunch with costumes, too!

Just so I’ve got the theme correct-this is a leafy fest, not a Weeny fest? Insert rude joke here :wink:

Hey Punha replace the rhyme with this-add to it as you wish:

I’m not a Doper with a boat
I’m not a Doper with a goat
I’m not a Doper who eats ham
I’m not a Doper, SamIam

Please send me an addy so I can do the drive calculations, norinew. Thanks.

Me, too. Depends on his drill schedule, though.

Aaron and I guaranteed to be there.


Okay, how about a little fairy-tale of sorts to kick things off?
Once upon a time, there were two beautiful women (well, okay, maybe only average-looking, but, hey, this is a fairy-tale). They were smart; they’d been together for a long time. They had grown children, grandchildren, a house in the suburbs and fulfilling careers. They thought they were happy. Alas, though, they were not truly happy, because their lives were Dopeless. Until one fine day, the younger sister of one of the beautiful women invited them to a DopeFest. They attended the Fest, ate a lot of good food, drank a lot of good beverages, and talked to lots of cool people. Nobody made up loud silly songs about them! By the end of the evening, they knew that they had found what had been missing from their lives, and they also knew that all they had to do was to join the SDMB and they could live happily ever after!

The End

Thanks for the invitation, and the tips for attending events, norinew.

Cumberland is way too far from our OB/GYN for us to be comfortable with this this particular time. I was asking, really, just for more info in procedures.

I’ll take a rain check, though. Hope to meet you soon.

Mr. Moto, when is your little bundle of joy due? When I was pregnant with our third daughter, we had already scheduled her for C-section delivery on Dec. 29th. of that year. I told my doctor I wanted to go down to Baltimore to spend Christmas Eve with my sisters, and the doc said “No way! I don’t want you any more than two hours from the hospital between now and the time you deliver” and I thought, heh, you don’t know my husband; he could make the drive in under 90 minutes if he had to! :wink: But I said nothing to the doctor and went anyway! (Not implying that this is what you should do, even though we’d be happy to have you, only that it’s what we did).

Bundle is due November 9th, norinew.

Keep in mind, last time around, with the twins, my wife went into labor two months early. They were brought into the world via emergence C-section, and then spent five weeks in the NICU.

Everything turned out fine, and the twins are healthy and nearly two. But you can see, we don’t want to go through all of that again.

We drive through the Cumberland area all of the time, as I-68 is a nice way to go to visit my family in the south hills of Pittsburgh. We often stop at Uncle Tucker’s for pizza, next to the other Mason’s restaurants right off of the highway.

Have you eaten there? And do you have other recommendations for the area when we’re around?

Mr. Moto, wow! Nov. 10th is my birthday, and Nov. 11th is our anniversary. We love Uncle Tucker’s, especially on Tuesday nights, when you buy one pizze, get one free. We are especially fond of The Marylander pizza, with crab sauce instead of tomato sauce, tiny shrimp, fresh tomatoes, cheese blend and spinach. I also like their microbrew sampler. You get 5 oz. glasses of all of the microbrews of the day (they make 6 a day), for a measly five bucks! On Tuesday nights, we can go there, each get our own pizza, I get a sampler and hubby gets a homemade orange cream or root beer soda, and the bill comes to under $25.00. Not too bad. If you like subs, you should try D’Atri’s sometime. It’s on National Highway, so you have to get off of 68 to get there. I’ve also heard good things about The Tokyo Steak House in the Country Club Mall. It’s one of those places where they cook the food right in front of you.

I should be able to make this one.

Woohoo! :slight_smile:

I’ve a-notified tdc, and we’re going to see what we can do about making this bit of MAD goodness.

Though, it’s going to be very hard to wipe the pout off my face at the lack of Dope-a-ween. I love Halloween and am gonna have to start shakin’ down friends for another shindig invite. :frowning: