Hey MADs...dopefest in memorium of norinew

I tried this already once but here goes one more time. My dad, sisters and I wanted to hold a memorial dopefest for my mother. We were thinking October 15th at our house in Woodstock, MD, near Catonsville. Past date and location I don’t know how to do this so any advice would be appreciated.

Unfortunately, I’ll be out of town the week ending the 15th, so I won’t be able to make it if that turns out to be the date. But if you guys wind up choosing a different date, I’ll be there if at all possible. Your mom was one of my favorite people in this zoo.

Basic advice: just bump the thread every so often. Once people begin to respond, keeping a running tally of who can and can’t be there gives you an excuse for a few bumps along the way, but you shouldn’t always wait for an excuse.

Replying to subscribe - at present, that date looks OK for us.

Saturdays are rough because it’s soccer season, but if you do it later in the day, we should be OK.

And - a link to the earlier thread.

I’m not a MAD, but there’s a possibility I’ll be in the area in October. If I am, I’ll do everything I can to attend.

I would like very much to attend and as of this moment, my calendar is open. I’ll be tracking this thread…

I’m a definite maybe, but that is close enough I could do it…

I’m with Mama Zappa. let us know what we can do to honor Norine’s memory.

For the people who can’t attend - can we send a card or a picture or something so we can be there in proxy?

I’d love to go, but i really can’t afford to travel there.

When did we lose norinew? Can someone throw a link at me?

I can most likely make it. I will keep watch on the thread for updates.

(formerly known as nyctea scandiaca)

Here’s the thread about norinew’s death:

I’d very much like to attend. Saturday’s are tough for me because of work, but if the timing works I will be there. I’ll be watching the thread for updates. Let me know if there’s anyway I can help.

So far, our tentative guest list is as follows
Mamma Zappa
Typo Knig
Green Cymbeline

and for people who can’t attend you can most certainly send something if you want, send me an email at (amanda rae isis walmsley @ gmail . com) remove spaces and parenthesis and I’ll send you an address to send stuff to

Put me down as probable.


Glad you bumped; put me down as a positive maybe. Boss and wife willing it looks good right now.

Any DC-area Dopers need a ride? I don’t know that we’ll bring the kids - they didn’t really “know” Norinew - so we’ll have room for 2-3 folks in our car.

Sorry, I can’t attend. :frowning: