Daughter of GOP's Gerrymandering Mastermind Has Released His Maps and Files

Here’s the files: http://www.thehofellerfiles.com

Thanks for that, davidm! I owe you one!

You’re welcome. Does this affect your state?

I’m cautiously optimistic (the only way I’m optimistic lately) that this will be a smoking gun that will lead to big changes in court decisions and legislative priorities around gerrymandering. It’s a centuries-old subversion of democracy that needs to end.

You and me both. Voters should be able to choose their representatives, not the other way around.

Unsure. I’m in Nevada, so it’s not as direct a connection as many east coast states, but the guy did work for ddamn near everyone it seems. Mostly I just appreciate the opportunity to pick through things myself.

If you find anything interesting, post it.

Vampire erotica. Is that interesting? Because there’s some of that in there among other types of erotica.

For real.

Paging the SCOTUS. Yeah, I am not at all optimistic.

That may be interesting, beyond prurient interest.

It shows that he maybe didn’t bother, or maybe even understand, about encrypting files, so there could be some legally or politically interesting stuff that’s not hidden.

He also failed to encrypt the baby pictures. This isn’t a release of his maps and files, it’s a dump of his entire personal harddrive. I’m a little creeped out pokng through it.

On reddit some people mentioned that they found child porn erotica on the hard drive too. Not sure if that was put there intentionally to scare people away or if that was just something the guy was into.

Or maybe some people on reddit are full of crap? I’d wait on believing that.

At the very least, it should be looked into. I wonder if he did that to scare people out of looking into his hard drive.

How would that work? Was he planning on him dying and his daughter releasing the drive contents?

In any case it wouldnt deter law enforcement or the courts.

I’m wondering if he left them there to scare people out of downloading and sifting through his hard drive contents if that ever happened.

Or he could just be into that stuff and figured nobody would see it.

Do they arrest and prosecute dead guys?

So his clever plan was to make himself look like a pedophile to scare away snoopers? Yeah, no.

How big of an a-hole must this guy have been for his own kid to dox him like this.

Of course not, but some of those files might be relevant in redistricting cases.