Dave Allen dead at 68


Damn. But damn he was funny. I wonder why all the funny guys are from England, Ireland and Scotland?

I expect Dave Allen will find God to have found his poking fun at the church great fun.

Aw, bummer!

I’m even more bummed than I should be, because I must admit I thought he died a while back.

RIP, Dave.

Anybody else ever see the joust between the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury? Or when the tentacle came snaking out of the baptismal font?

Dang, I liked his shows. One of my favorites was one of his “sit down” routines when he talked about “things to do to amuse yourself and others, when stuck in traffic”

I remember him! He was great. Wasn’t he missing a finger? (I know that seems like a weird detail, but didn’t he?)

I sure hope they release some of his stuff on DVD. I’d love to see that.

I saw most of his comedy as reruns, as he was before my time, but I loved it. I loved his standup comedy even more (“Are you reading that?, Yes I have an eye up my arse!”)

Sad to see him go.

Yep, he was missing part of one index finger. In my post about his routine about being stuck in traffic, he used that finger. He stuck it just under his nosw and waggled it back and forth. Looked like he had it stuck* way* up there! One of the guys I was watchin that episode with immediately said 'Hey! I can do that!"
Matt was missing most of one thumb, due to a woodchopping accident at the age of thirteen. I still have the picture I made him pose for, with his “Thumb up his nose.”

Goodnight Mr. Allen, and may your god go with you.

I remember one of his little throwaway gags, where he’d stir his drink with that finger. (The gag being, of course, that he wasn’t stirring it, he just looked like he was.)

Chicago-area Dopers will, I’m sure, remember him best from WTTW’s unbeatable Sunday-night block: Monty Python at 10, Dave Allen at Large at 10:30, Doctor Who at 11. The best TV night of the week AFAIWC.

No one ever did more with the phrase, “You got the fellow walks into a bar …”

Man, I loved Dave Allen At Large. I wish they’d rebroadcast it out here. He did the best ecclesiastical humour!

That was is the 80’s. wasn’t it? I was at school in Chicago 1983-84. that’s when I watched. First time I saw John Pertwee as Dr. Who

Sad. I remember watching his show with my dad when I was little. I didn’t understand all of it, but my dad would giggle all the way through.

Makes me hope for an afterlife so the two of them can get together and trade Catholic jokes.

Yup. He used to joke that he lost it because he kept dipping his finger into his drink. His stuff is on DVD, they just don’t sell it here in the States (but hey, you can get all the episodes of Benny Hill and Hee Haw that you want! :rolleyes: ). Someone imports his stuff and sells it (though I don’t know if it’s legally or not) on eBay because I’ve bought a couple of videotapes of his that way, which had been converted to NTSC (but they still had the PAL packaging). And one “might” be able to find some of his stuff via file sharing, but I wouldn’t know anything about that.

Absolutely my all time favorite comic.

I was just trying to remember his name recently. I guess I was a little too young to understand all of the jokes but man, he was a hoot anyway!

Does anyone know if any of his shows are on video in America?

*Gloria in excelsis Deo…


Daylight come and me wanna go home…*

“Father, it’s me, Sister Bridget! We go to the same psychiatrist!” Funny, funny, stuff. He will be missed.

Dear Dave,

May you be in Heaven half an hour before the devil knows your dead.

Thanks for the good cheer.

Damn! Recently I got a kick by finding that he was still alive. Now this… :frowning:
In one of his monologs:

Jesus returns, at this news we go to the Vatican:

Bishop: [runs in,] [panting] HE IS HERE!!!

Pope: [dead pan] I know…

Bishop: What do we do???

Pope: look busy…
Besides Monty Python and the Doctor, he also did teach me English when I came to America. And it was from TV 54 PBS in San Jose.

The one sketch that killed me was his parody of John Wayne from “the sands of Iwo Jima” the American sergeant’s motto during training to his men was: “I am your brain, you [soldiers] are the body!!" They then landed in the isle… the sergeant was shot as soon they reached the beach… One of the soldiers then says: “Look! The sarge is dead!!!”… And then the soldiers moved helplessly, aimlessly and tripped and flopped to the tune of Benny Hill style music…

Dave Allen’s remark at the end: I bet they will never show that bit in America!! The audience laughed and I was rolling on the floor realizing American TV just then had proved him wrong!!

Make the Devil and God squirm Dave!!.

Funny how I remember him from when I was much younger and always loved seeing his show. Then all the years since when I didn’t see him allowed me to forget. And then tonight when I saw this and went to the link in the OP, it all came flooding back to me the moment I saw that face. I won’t forget him again.

Aw, damn. Thanks, Dave.