Dave Barry will be on Book TV's "In Depth" this weekend

I am not making this up.


It will re-air later Sunday evening, and also next Saturday morning.

I have viewed similar interviews with (among others) Mary Roach, Temple Grandin, and even Dr. Ben Carson before he ran for president.

Boy, I remember when I pretty much ate up everything he wrote. Recently, though, I was reading a passage of his out loud to help tune my Dragon software to my voice and … it just wasn’t the same. Nothing lasts forever, I guess.

Dave Barry was a guest on a radio show in Chicago and I called in and got to speak with him. I was pretty pleased with that. I called him Mr. Dave Barry, complemented his column, and mentioned that we got it a week later than everyone else.
Then I asked him if he had any news about Stephen King’s health- this was not long after King had been run over. He answered my question graciously, but I felt a little bad. I wonder how often he gets that- Hi Dave Barry, let’s talk about Stephen King?

He was asked about King several times during the interview, about the Rock Bottom Remainders and also if they might ever collaborate on a funny/scary book. Regarding the latter, he said no.