Dave Navarro on Celebrity Poker: Damn! What a Nice Guy

After watching the latest season of Celebrity Poker What’cha-majigger on Bravo, I gotta say that I’m impressed w/ Dave Navarro. He seems like a genuinely nice guy. I was really rooting for him because of that.

Loved him since Jane’s Addiction, and every article, etc. I’ve seen on him also portrays him as just a really nice guy. My opinion of Carmen Electra also went up a significant number of points just because he married her - nice by association, maybe?

I was impressed with him as well and think I even said as much in the thread about that particular episode a month or two ago.

I fully expected him to be the stereotypical Tommy Lee-type rock star and was pleasantly surprised to find out that he was a pretty cool guy with a genuinely nice personality. I had no opinion on him before the show but afterwards, he automatically became one of my favorite celebrities.

Not that that’s a very long list.

He’s probably the coolest guy to wear leather pants with no shirt on is tattooed torso.

But he’s funny lookin.

He looks like a PEZ dispenser; that head did not come with that body.

Hey, if I were going home at night to Carmen Electra, I would not mind looking like Mr. Potato Head.

But yes, Dave N is cool.

He also has one of those boardwalk photo booths in his house; I’d like to be his friend just so I could hang out and take dumb pictures with him. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I guess I never had much of an opinion of Carmen; but when I saw that they got married, I just assumed that he was a total tool. Now I have completely abandoned that assumption, and I am trying to get myself a Jump To Conclusions Mat as a reminder… I’d just about bet that if I were going to have a regular poker game, the two celebs I’d want there would be he and Seth Meyers—they both seemed pretty cool and gracious.

And we could play at his house and make the losers use the photo booth…

I’ve seen Dave in interviews before (with the Red Hot Chili Peppers). I concur, he does seem really nice.

Although he did seem very nice, I thought he was a fairly poor poker player who lasted as long as he did by taking very few risks. The few strategic opportunities he had he blew, so I’m glad Seth won–he deserved it the most of the final 5.

Carmen and Dave had a series on MTV called “Til Death Do Us Part” chronicling the preparations for their wedding. I hadn’t paid much attention to Dave Navarro before, but my wife and I watched this and also came away with a very high opinion of him. He seemed like a very genuine, nice guy who wasn’t full of himself at all.

So I wasn’t nuts! I wasn’t sure if I remembered seeing a show like that. I didn’t watch it—I only passed by while channel surfing. Maybe if they show it again I’ll watch some of it now.

It’s more his hair than his head.

Even at that, I still think he’s as hot, if not moreso, than his wife. And before anyone tries to twist that to mean something other than how I meant it, I think Carmen Electra’s a very beautiful woman.

He’s been through alot of shit that no-one should have to go through:


Definitely a class-act and a damned good guy.

What a drag.

Wouldn’t you be in a good mood all the time if you were banging Carmen Electra every night?