FYI: Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra are both 'off the market'. . .

I’m just not sure who’s wearing more eyeshadow.

This according to CNN.

Just thought I’d let you know.

Sorry Mr. Rodman, you had your chance.

I’m going to have hellish nightmares tonight.

Is that his face, or a mask? Please let it be a mask.

Darn it to all hell… I wanted to wed that sexy, sexy man. dramatic sigh and share make-up tips!

Dang, now I forget. . . Wasn’t he the lead singer in Soundgarden?

Oh wait, that was “Chris” whats-his-name.

Yes, he is quite fetching in this little number

Even more fetching here

MTV VJ Kennedy gets in a last grope

I’ve discovered the reason for this marriage!! Carmen Electra is gay and he looks like a hairy female! WTF is up with his lingerie fetish? Is he really British?

Cornell, Now the lead singer for Audioslave.
I would never take fashion advice from this guy, but Daves guitar skills is one of the best, next to Tom Morello.

I wonder if they spent the wedding night in his coffin?


Dave was (is?) the lead guitarist for Jane’s Addiction (& for the Red Hot Chili Peppers as well, during their ‘rotating guitarist’ days).

And now, he’s a schmuck.


Waddya figure, six or seven months?

I still want to have 10,000 of his babies.

I’d like to cause 10,000 of her babies.

Couldn’t be any worse than her last one. What was that, something like six or seven days?

What is it with her and guys that wear womens’ clothing anyway?

Meh, I’d do him in a heartbeat. :wink: So he dresses weird sometimes. I saw an interview with him on MTV once and he wasn’t wearing a shirt so they clipped the microphone to his nipple.

That’s my kinda man. :smiley:

AntaresJB So how YOU doin?

Well… each to their own… but on January 26th of this year, I saw Dave Navarro play with “Jane’s Addiction” at The Big Day Out here in my home town of Southport. Built on the tradition of Lollapalooza, The Big Day out is a travelling kind of Woodstock festival which plays 6 major cities over 3 weeks down under.

“Janes’ Addiction” were 2nd last on the bill. THey came on at 7:30 pm, and they were followed bythe Festival’s headliners at 9:00pm, Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters.

“Jane’s Addiction” came on after P.J.Harvey, who followed “Queens of the Stone Age”, who followed “The Living End”.

Of all the acts that day, only one band didn’t deserve to be on the bill. Only one band were boring as dried up bat shit. Only one band had a reputation which was aover-inflated compared to their quality of songwriting and performance - and that band was “Jane’s Addiction”.

And Dave Navarro was a joke. He pranced around with his white PRS doing all the classic spread-leg ultra earnest rock poses as he did all his little squeals and triplets etc. But it didn’t save him. The only word which kept coming to mind was “contrived”. Epicly and boringly “contrived”. And as songwriters go… well…

Foo Fighters made 'em look like the has-beens they are.

As I said, each to their own. Whatever rocks your boat… but there’s more to being a guitarist than just prancing around and doing gimmicks. Try starting with decent song-writing for one. Even Jimmy Page knew when to be laid back and subdued.

Okay, now I’m just trying to figure out what part of my post inspired this… :wink:

Weird Dressing :wink:

Boo Boo Foo: I saw them at this years BDO out, too, and agree completely on their performance. I also had the ‘pleasure’ of meeting Dave Navarro the day before, and can also confirm he is an absolute wanker on every level. Seriously - WANKER. I cannot stress this enough.

He’s just turned into a joke, nowadays, which is quite funny considering how seriously Jane’s Addiction seem to be taking themselves now.