Wait...Randy Travis is experiencing a downward spiral into drunkeness and despair? Randy Travis?!!

He was ass naked, plowed his car into a construction zone, and threatened to shoot the troopers who responded?

I mean, this is Randy Travis. I’m not an expert on the guy, but I always thought he was just a wholesome guy who played plain vanilla country music, the kind of music that country radio just eats up. But apparently he was a drunken delinquent as a lad, hooked up with his much older wife (and manager, and supposedly his beard according to one rumor), who steered him towards success, but has now left him, which seems to have completely unhinged him and sent him spiraling towards the George Jones Zone.

This just strikes me as odd. I’m trying to think of another performer as bland and inoffensive as Randy Travis whose life melted down publicly, and I can’t.

Here he is leaving jail in his paper suit after some fans bailed him out:

Glen Campbell?

Pffft. This is babyshit compared to the exploits of Hank Williams, George Jones, Johnny Cash, et al…

ETA: OK none of those guys were ever considered bland, but it’s true that many, many country stars who’s public image was fairly wholesome led their lives entirely differently…

Well, duh! They pander to their bible thumpin’, god-fearing, religious right audience, it’s all a smokescreen. I suppose a few are ‘decent’, but a whole lot of c&w types are no different from Aerosmith or Def Leppard behind the scenes as soon as they get enough money to buy loads of coke, hookers and booze. Watch - Randy Travis will go dry out after this, and tearfully thank Jesus for showing him The Way. It might get him a People magazine cover!

The only thing I was thinking when I heard this story was, “Wow!, Randy Travis drives a 14-yr old Pontiac?” :eek:

All the elements are there to make a pretty good song someday.

Aren’t a lot of their songs about all sorts of mayhem? Not sure it is pandering to anything or anyone. You thinking about the Christian singers maybe?

And all fallen stars do the tearful confession thing.

Let’s look at his song list and see if this could have been predicted:

1990 All Night Long
1996 Are We In Trouble Now
2008 Around the Bend
1994 Before You Kill Us All
1985 Can’t Stop Now
2008 Everything That I Own (Has Got a Dent)
1994 Gonna Walk That Line
1989 It’s Just a Matter of Time
2004 Running Blind

Yup, it’s all right there … the naked truth. :wink:

I recall hearing about Travis’ wild teenage years almost 15 years ago. I think he was in/out of jail.

Falling in love with his manager changed him for the better. Despite the age difference, she was responsible for his years of success and staying out of trouble.

It’s a shame to see him spiraling out of control. I just hope he doesn’t end up destroying his career.

time for the reformation tour to make things right.


I would guess about 30% of all people driving 14-year old Trans Ams right now are naked.

IMHO, country music (mainstream radio pop country) is very formulaic. Along with the “partyin’ and raisin’ Hell” songs, many country acts will also throw in some pseudo-Christian and patriotic songs to keep it wholesome.

Wow. This really doesn’t shock me. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect it, but from the little I’ve seen of his work, the man strikes me as having always been melancholy. It fits.

Think Randy’s already been there…

I’d better change my wandrin’ ways,
I know I’ve seen my better days,
Always gettin’ high when I get low.
Well, I left my soul out in the rain,
Lord, what a price I’ve had to pay.
The storms of life are washin’ me away

“Storms of Life” incidentally, is the only Randy Travis song I’ve ever really liked.

Didn’t he have a similar incident not that long ago?

Ahh, yes. He was arrested for public intoxication back in February. He was “boozing in front of a Baptist church.”

I don’t know jack about Randy Travis but is there any male celebrity that isn’t surrounded by gay rumors?! At this point I’m just going to assume all male celebs are gay to make things easier.:slight_smile:

Good Lord - if there’s ever been a country song title that writes itself…

Wait a minute… maybe he’s got a massive case of writer’s block and is just working on inspirations!