Yeah, it’s my 2000[sup]th[/sup] post.


You all know what to do, I suppose.

Carry on.

And here I thought you’d had a mild attack of dyslexia while trying to address a thread to k2dave. :wink:

Happy 2000th, and keep on posting! [sub]Or I’ll take my crazy felines up to NY and sic them on you. Charlotte will lick your nose right off your face![/sub]

Happy 2K, Dave!

brings in beer and chips
sits on couch
Oh, yeah. Yay Dave!!

Your Excellency is most gracious.

And I don’t think Fido would appreciate any other feline interlopers. She’s become extremely agitated when she’s seen other cats around our yard.

Happy 2000 to one of my favorite Daves!

I was really gong to try and say something sarastic & witty, but I just couldn’t make it work.

So instead I’ll just say thanks. Thanks, Dave, for everything.

:::raising glass of root beer:::

To you, my friend.

Much love,

You’re very welcome, my dear. And thank you for everything.

:::clinks glass of root beer with Persephone:::

From this “god” to you, a “goddess”.

To Doper friends.

Congratulations on reaching this momentous milestone, Dave darling! And thanks for the advice, support, laughs and just generally for being such a wonderful and giving man.

I hope you stick around for a million more…we can never have enough terrific people around these parts!

Much Love,


Eh, it’s been done.

heh. Just givin’ ya a hard time. Happy 2000.

Would you mind if I just stood next to you for a moment? :cool:

This is the rival model. A little competition is good. What are ya, a commie?!

May I offer my congratulations on reachng this esteemed milestone? Yes, I knew I could do it! :smiley: Happy 2000+ posts, and hang in there! Stick around for more!

::: Commences Carrying On as Instructed :::

Happy 2k, Dave.