David Bowie has died

Confirmed in multiple places, including his son Duncan Jones.

Wow, I’m totally stunned. One of my all-time favorites, and he just released an album Monday.

I can’t stand it.

I was never a fan of Bowie, but appreciated his contribution to the musical patchwork that we’ve all enjoyed since the early 1970’s.

Vale David…:frowning:


No. Just… no.


Jesus Christ, first Lemmy and now Ziggy Stardust. Bad month for rock’n’roll. :frowning:

What a sucky day for music.

On Friday’s Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon referred to Bowie’s new video. Oddly enough, the song is called Lazarus.

Dang, when I was an independent radio DJ circa 1980-1985, Bowie was *always *one of the tracks I played on my show. RIP and I played your stuff long before the song came out:

I’m home, lost my job, and incurably ill
You think this is easy, realism
I’ve got a girl out there, I suppose
I think she’s dancing
Feel like Dan Dare lies down
I think she’s dancing, what do I know?

[lyrics snipped-ITD]

The (Goblin) King Is Dead!

Rest in peace, Thin White Duke. A legend of my teenage years has passed.

Ashes to ashes.
RIP Ziggy.

He was a very talented musician, songwriter and singer. I remember hearing an interview with Rick Wakeman, who played piano on Life on Mars, talking about how Bowie came up with the chord changes and how they weren’t anything the band was expecting.

Funny thing; that’s one of the movies I ordered with my Christmas gift card. Pretty good actor, he was. Wouldn’t have recognized him playing Nikola Tesla except for the eyes.

Only 69. Dang. :frowning:

Sigh :frowning: Rest in Peace Major Tom.

And get used to this shit, juniors.

I just turned only 55 and not only are my rock idols starting to croak, high school chums are as well!!! :frowning:
Sorry to be a downer but, what a drag it is, getting old!!! :frowning: :eek: :frowning: :eek: :frowning: :eek: :frowning: :mad:

Holy shit, BOWIE!?!?

And they kept it secret 18 months. . .

This is just weird. I wasn’t even a HUGE Bowie fan, and this is really weird for me. Maybe because he had that big resurgence when I was in high school with his, “Let’s Dance” CD. You know, the background music to that important part in your life.

I just saw him in The Prestige, just last week. Same response as Rilch.

Just watched a show where someone mentioned his two different colored eyes, too. Weird.

He seemed timeless, very surprising to hear of his death. He was the epitome of a beautiful guy.

Jesus, this is out of left field! I wasn’t a huge Bowie fan, but damn, that’s just too young.

My heart just dropped out of my chest. His music meant so much at so many times in my life, good and bad. This one hurts bad. It feels like someone close just died.

My thought was: “Well, I guess Mick Jagger’s next.”