David Bowie tribute at The BRITS

last night. well I cried:

Don't have a link to the music segment atm but[it was pretty much the opposite of what Gaga did](http://www.telegraph.co.uk/music/what-to-listen-to/lordes-tribute-to-david-bowie-brit-awards-2016-heartbreaking/).

This link has the music.

Lorde doing Life on Mars was just great, I thought.

Here you go. Lorde sounds a little ropey to me, but having his band do it was moving.

Yep, his band and someone he admired from the new generation. I thought it was heartfelt and sincere.

That just absolutely outshone the horrorshow that was the Gaga … thing.

Now *that *is how it’s done. Thanks for sharing up_the_junction. I seem to have something in my eye. . .

I loved the way she was dressed, the whole thing had a respectful, extended family feel. Damn.

It was a good tribute.

Interesting about Lorde - she was picked as one of the vocalists standing in for Kurt Cobain at Nirvana’s induction into the RRHoF, too. Pretty respected in the industry - hope she can produce more interesting work, like St. Vincent, one of the other Cobain stand-ins who is respected and has produced more work. Or Jack White - who got tapped as the Next Guitar Hero in things like the Stones live film Shine a Light, or the documentary It Might Get Loud. He produces a ton of material so there is no problem with people forming opinions about his trajectory :wink:

It may not have been good, but I have to admit hearing his son’s response made me not care. At least she tried–no need to make fun of her.

Agreed. I’m a fan of Duncan Jones and was disappointed to see him act like such a dick. I’m choosing to chalk it up to grief.

Personally, I’m with Zowie…

Oh he’s correct <The Critic> It stinks; just seems like bad form.

Don’t pick fights with the bullies or the cads.

“…cause I’m not much cop at punching other people’s dads.”
Yes, I cried after watching Lorde and David’s band. It was all about David while Gaga’s was all about her.

Here’s the official BRITs upload of the whole tribute

The more ad-hoc videos seem to be getting culled.

Watching it again, I’m actually really quite moved - I think Bowie would have been pleased. Lennox is a bit over earnest as usual, Oldman with the personal anecdotes, Lorde and the old touring band doing right by the music. Yeah, that’s good.

Oh yes, and also Annie and Gary in the presentation were quite right for it in their respective ways. They made me think of something Pete Townshend once said about some other departed stars “these were *your *idols and icons… they were my friends!

Actually, I was thinking about her a few days ago and was wondering whether she was on her way to becoming another one hit wonder. I kept on seeing her name mentioned everywhere a couple of years ago and since then, nothing. Admittedly, I don’t have my finger on the pulse of pop music but I honestly thought she’d started fading away. It looks like I was wrong.

Good for her.

So I’ve just watched both the Grammy and the Brits tributes back to back, and though the Brits had certainly more class (of course, they’re the Brits for God’s sake), Gaga’s performance wasn’t that bad. Just two different approaches, the Brits performance focusing on the music and Gaga, as always, on the visuals, but why critize that, because, well, Bowie was always about sound AND vision. The Brits band played better and closer to the originals, but any band that has Nile Rodgers on guitar (who’s got some genuine Bowie creds himself) can’t be too bad either. I didn’t like their singalong treatment on Heroes, that doesn’t suit the song, but the rest was ok. Gaga was certainly a logical choice for the tribute, and did quite well. Lorde’s version of Life On Mars OTOH sounded heartfelt and restrained, and since it’s probably my favorite Bowie song, I liked it very much. I had heard about Lorde, but she was somehow never on my radar (I know Royals, but find it only so-and-so), but for her age she gives a very mature and graceful performance. Both Lennox and Oldman spoke very well and moving.

The music part of the tribute is free to download on Google Play if anyone fancies it