David Chase confirms it doesn't matter what happens to Tony at end of Sopranos

Or does it? (No, it doesn’t - quit arguing otherwise.)

In an interesting interview, David Chase describes what he was going for in the final scene of The Sopranos, shot by shot. And in the end, it wasn’t about hinting what happens next, but simply showing that this is their life.

Yeah, whatever. Tony got whacked.

Yeah, yeah. And the top kept spinning.

It was a black screen, not a “Journey” song. C’mon, David, Tony got whacked and you were just trying to be artsy about it.

David Chase has been asked that question more than once, which is one too many times for anyone who watched the episode.

If that was what Chase meant to say, then I would argue that he did a piss poor job of conveying that.

But what does he get out of bringing this up time and again? Is there a huge clamor for clarity?

“…life ends and death comes, but don’t stop believing.” Yep, Tony’s life ended, and I still believe that.

I thought people kept asking David Chase what to make of that scene? The man put it on the tape. Take it or leave it.

I re-watched that finale scene, and hadn’t noticed that Little Feat’s “All that you dream” is playing, till Tony pressed the button for that Journey song.


What would have happened if Meadow had made it in ten seconds earlier and sat down next to Tony? :dubious:

The cut to black is the end of the show; nothing happens after that. You can imagine on your own what happened next, but a definitive “yes he was killed/no he wasn’t” was not Chase’s intention. He has said as much before. I found this interview interesting because this time he was explicit about what he did intend to say in the final scene, whereas before he’s simply said what he didn’t intend. And it’s interesting because no matter what he says, no one will believe him anyway (yet they keep asking him).

I want Ed Zotti to weigh in. I’m guessing he’d give the same answer he did for Inception:

It was when she walked in the diner bell last rang. If she was early, she does not get shot. The guy was a hitman.

Hit man entering diner (in front of A.J.)

So you might ask, what if A.J. hadn’t been such a dumbfuck? I reckon David Chase has an AJ series in the works.