David Horowitz has stopped fighting back

I had the hots for Deanna Lund.

According to Wikipedia, it was called Consumer Buyline.

I think the one real difference between CB and FB was, FB’s commercial challenges were limited to trying to duplicate an ad, while CB would occasionally “disprove” an ad by showing it could be done under different conditions, like the aforementioned cutting a diamond in the back seat of a Lincoln/Volkswagen. An example of FB was a taste test challenge between a box cake and one made by a famous chef; the box cake won, like on the commercial, but then the chef pointed out that he would never make a “plain” cake like that.

There was even one commercial attempted on both shows; the Krazy Glue stunt where a man is wearing a helmet with a piece of metal on top attached to a girder by the glue, and when the girder is lifted, so is the man. On CB, they just put glue on the metal, briefly clamped it to the girder, and lifted the girder, but the hat was not attached. On FB, they found out just what had to be done - the metal had to be sanded down, and the glue allowed to set for a longer time - and it worked.