David Lynch is selling ringtones

And boy, are they horrendous. Appropriately, my reaction was simillar to the “what the” ringtone. If I ever hear “teeth” on someone’s phone I may run over to the guy and make it a reality. See if you can play “angst” more than once.

I mean, is he serious? Who in God’s name would buy these? This “artiste” thing has gotten way out of hand with him.

Oh, and check out some of the wallpaper options - the ones that look like he drew them in about ten seconds on a cocktail napkin at last call.

I’m waiting for Lou Reed’s Metal machine Music as a ringtone. That will blow Lynch’s ringtones off the map.

Absolutely. Fucking. Brilliant.

It would be really brilliant if you could make it so the ringtone played all four sides straight through if you didn’t pick up.

That was hilarious! If I were stupid enough to pay for a ringtone, I’d get the kill deer one and attach it to someone I know who. . . likes to kill deer. He’s a sweet guy. Really.

Right now my ringtone is You Sexy Thing, so I know a thing or two about annoying ring tones. Although mine never annoys anyone because nobody ever calls me.

I dunno. I kinda like them. Especially “On Sky.” Almost like having a Tom Waits ringtone.

I liked the Dumbland theme, and What the Hell made me laugh. Go figure.

I actually bought the Dumbland DVD.

I think they’re great! I just wish my carrier was supported so I could get 'em.

I think they’re good too. (Admittedly, the Lynchmeister can do no wrong in my eyes.)

No hai de la banda! Silenzio!

Lynch, you bitch – get back to work on Twin Peaks, Season II.

Or has it been scrapped again?

Or is it out already?

See, David, shit like this is why I don’t invite you over more often.

:eek: Really? You could enjoy having “angst” as your ringtone? Wow. It makes my jaw hurt.

What about those drawings?

David Lynch is a strange guy. I used to work with his brother John, who is a really nice guy; he’s an electrical engineer. He brought in a couple of David’s early short films for us to watch at lunch. That was the only perk of knowing him–I never got any cool Twin Peaks stuff, though I tried.

Although I didn’t really like any of the ringtones, some of the wallpaper was okay. I will not be purchasing any ringtone or wallpaper, because I barely tolerate having a cellphone–I see no reason to accessorize something I don’t even really want to have.

Taste is subjective.

Unless it disagrees with mine. :slight_smile:

Some of these are great- I would love to have “On Sky” if only my phone supported it. As for the wallpapers, they’re mostly Dumbland tie-ins, and that’s what Dumbland looks like. Wish there was an Angriest Dog one.

I’d much rather pay for these than the crummy ones the cel companies offer.

I wonder if Badalamenti sells ringtones. I might get one of his if I had a cellphone.

I think they’re totally cool. I’d love to get them if my cell would support them. I liked “On Sky” and “Dumbland” and “Angst” would be cool for freaking out people on the bus.

As an Englishman, who appreciates the art of understatement, I bow to you. That’s a doozie! :slight_smile: