What is your opinion on ringtones?

Love 'em? Hate 'em? Don’t care?

I like to have some warning when certain people call me, so I have a couple of ringtones I made myself. And by that I mean I chop up music files in Audacity.

I love my own ring tones. Every single person that calls me has their own distinctive song that I chose for a specific reason and I instantly know who is calling me (the default ring tone for those not on my contacts list lets me know to allow it to go to voice mail. :wink: My ring tones are chopped down songs too (except for my son’s Mario theme song in midi) and it makes me giggle a little when I hear some of them because they are too perfect (“Cyclone” from The Wizard of Oz plays when it is my husband’s ex-wife, for example.)

On the flip side of that, I hate other peoples ring tones- all of them. They are always too loud and too stupid and should never have been invented. :wink: My ring tones are clever, theirs are crappy*, and everyone but me should immediately set their phones to silent/vibrate. :wink:

*In the same manner as George Carlin saying, “Have you noticed that their stuff is shit and your shit is stuff?”

I can’t be bothered to designate individual ringtones, but I do like to have something other than factory provided ones. So I download different ones right away and change it once in a while. That’s pretty much all I care to take time for.

I use a 30 second bit of a song I like. It’s been my ringtone for a while now. It gets my attention immediately whether I am sleeping or not, and I know exactly how long I have to answer the phone before it goes to voicemail.

I have 2 others but I only use them in sequence with my standard ringtone as alarm clock sounds. I can usually sleep through 1 alarm, but 3 different ones usually gets me up.

Default ringtones: Never ever ever again
Individual ringtones: Not a chance…

I hate other people’s ringtones with a passion. Especially the ones my kids use. It’s a phone. Can it not just ring? Or make some other sort of phone-type sound? Does it have to play an obnoxious rap song???

But of course, the new phone I got has the crappiest selection ever of standard ring tones, so I’m stuck with the only one I can tolerate…unless I fork out a few bucks and go download some, which I have so far stubbornly refused to do. After all the times I’ve lectured the kids about padding my phone bill with downloads, I’d have to switch to the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ mode of lecturing.

Stupid new phone.

Whenever I get a new phone, I choose the least obnoxious ringtone it has and use that. I have never downloaded a ringtone. My cell phone is also my business phone, so I don’t bother with setting different tones for different people.

Mine sounds like an old-fashioned ring phone. It’s next to impossible to get a useful ringtone – useful in the sense that it can be heard so you can be alerted.

Not to hijack too much, but I have always had a problem with the disdain for ‘do as I say, not as I do’ in situations like this. It is your phone bill, you get to decide who pads it with what. If that means that you run up a thousand dollar bill with downloads and overages, it is your choice. Not giving permission or not allowing your kids to do the same is not at all hypocritical.

Woman! You forgot x! blam!

x being put the thing on vibrate.

I used to have person-specific ringtones, but since I text on my phone far more than I actually deal with phone calls, it got annoying that every single time Person X texted me, their song played.

So now I have a generic “chirp” when I get a text, and a generic old school “phone ring” for calls.

And yes, I do find other peoples’ ringtones horribly annoying, to the point that I’ve told customers at my bar to put their phone on silent or vibrate if they’re not going to put an end to the constant barrage of noise. It’s just common courtesy not to subject other customers (and me) to “Baby Got Back” every twenty seconds.

My cellphone is on vibrate mode 24/7.

If your phone is compatible with sites like Phonezoo.com or Myxer.com, you can make your own ringtones and it only costs the price of a text/picture message to send it to your phone, for Verizon it’s 25 cents.

I do put my phone on vibrate most of the time, but on the times it’s on ring, it’s my “home-made ringtone” of Pascal Rogé’s “Gymnopédie No. 1” which I’ve oddly gotten compliments on as it’s so soothing for a ringtone.

husband has a ring tone for everyone, and if its no one in his list, it rings “Who can it be now”! I love listening to his phone ring!

Me: I have husband set up for the first few lines of a Volbeat song "Counting all the assholes in the room . . . " hee hee! :smiley: But then it went off at work and a few eyebrows found hairlines, so I switched it to a lame froggy chirping sound.

Beyond the standard ringing sounds a phone should make, in my opinion, musical ringtones make me think you are as mature as an eleven year old girl. No one admires your taste in music and they all sound like crap.

Keep that phone in your Dora the Explorer case, do you?

Grow up!

Ringtones I don’t mind. They used to bug me, but I gave in and accepted them.

Ringbacktones OTOH irritate the living hell out of me. “Please listen to this music while…” What bugs me even more is when I’m trying to get a hold of someone in a professional setting (for example, a sales rep for a product I need) and I have to listen to “Jesus Take The Wheel”.

Mine is kind of the “other” response. I used to leave mine on vibrate, but then I leave it in my work bag, and I can’t really hear the vibrating in there. So I downloaded a ‘theme’ of a thunderstorm with pretty storm wallpaper, and the ringtone is a soft rumble of thunder with rain starting up. I can hear it but you’d have to be standing next to me to hear anything.

Except that I get so few calls that it takes me a couple seconds to realize what the hell that sound is! :smack:

I have that same problem with the “froggy” ring tone. its frogs and crickets chirping and every time I hear it, I always look around like I’m going to see a frog sitting in the corner. :smack:

I hate hearing other people’s phones ringing so I’m pretty careful to leave my own on vibrate unless I’m at home.

I do have some cool ringtones but I almost never hear them and when I get a new phone, I probably won’t waste the money downloading any.

When I am carrying the phone around, it is on vibrate. When I set it down at home, it rings like a phone.