David "Partridge Family" Cassidy - new tell-all book

And it can’t get a publisher in the U.S. apparently.

See this linkfrom MSNBC.com (it’s the second or third piece)

Man, what class. :rolleyes: Way to go, Donk.

All right, 'fess up. You’re jealous.

‘Donk’, huh? I guess if it’s a pop-up book I’m in!

I read once that his unit was refered to as a “long and slender thing.” If it’s a pop-up book, they may have to fold it.

He already covered this material in C’mon Get Happy: Fear & Loathing On The Partridge Family Bus. It says a lot about him and his overly-inflated self esteem that he thinks the world needs two tell-all books about David Cassidy.

I did actually read C’mon Get Happy… I don’t remember him talking about the size of his dick, though. Maybe I just forgot. Or maybe ‘Donk’ is the big revelation requiring a whole second book. The main thing I remember about the book is that David seemed like a genuine, gold-plated, thoroughly conceited asshole.

Wow. When I was a teenager I worshipped DC. His posters littered my bedroom wall and I had all the Partridge Family records. Hell, I even owned the damned PF lunchbox.

I feel so cool, now. C’mon get happy, indeed.

I have read that other Cassidy (Jack and Shaun) men were similarly “blessed.” Don’t know that it’s ever been corroborated, but I’ve never read that they denied it.

:smiley: It ain’t the size of the guitar, it’s how you strum it.

I have always propounded that theory as well.

Hmmm, and yet you picked your username based on a Rattlesnake - nothing Freudian there!! :smiley: :smiley: At least “Snake” is better than Donk!!

Wasn’t Natalie’s BF in The Facts of Life named “Snake”?

And what’s worse – that I know this or that I rewrote the post completely because the first one somehow disappeared?

Did you know that snakes actually have two “instruments”?

I don’t know about Natalie, but Laurie Partridge had a suitor named Snake (played by Rob Reiner). I rule on Partridge trivia.

Oh my. Middle age for former teen idols is such an ugly thing.

Shut it, whippersnapper.

Back in the day, I’d have been more than happy to confirm those rumors about Shaun. If I’d been old enough. If I’d been in the general vicinity. If I’d been asked. But other than those trivial details, I’d’ve been so in. To me, he was by far the hottest thing on two legs (second only to Leif) and his brother was goofy. But judging by most aged teen idols, none of them ended up being all that, so what do I know?

Do tell, David.

David Cassidy of the 1970’s show The Partridge Family shocked fans when he revealed that he once slept with his TV sister Susan Dey. He says that he was never attracted to the actress but she was so determined to get him in bed, so he finally gave in. He says that he regretted it later. He says, “I find a certain sluttiness very attractive in a woman, and Susan just didn’t have it. She was sweetness and innocence, a good girl, and I couldn’t think of her as anything but my sister.”

Kinda strikes me as all throb and no heart.

Who was the last actor to deny having a big schlong? Probably the same guy who admitted to stomping on beagle puppies.

(Not an actor, but still a celebrity.) Possibly Leonard Bernstein. Quoted from memory:

Deanie, Deanie,
Show me your peeny, do!
I’m all steamy, all for the love of you.
You want to see mine? It’s teeny!
But that’s 'cause I’m a sheeny.
But you’re a goy,
And boy oh boy,
I’ll just bet that it’s built for two!

Does that mean you should change your username to “Crotalus Donk Donk”??