David Roback of Mazzy Star - Dead at 61

No shortage of haunting sad songs to mourn with I guess.


I was not a fan of Mazzy Star but I am a huge fan of Opal.

You’ve got the stars in your eyes
You’re like a rocket machine

RIP Mr. Roback; you done good.

Oh dear, that is sad news.

Liked both Opal and at least earlier Mazzy Star. Also his guitar playing. I spent an absurd amount of money once on Amazon for a used CD of Happy Nightmare Baby to replace an old cassette. Worth it( checking it seems they’re still ridiculously pricey - they really should re-issue that damn thing, it’s brilliant ).

Sad to see him go so young. And selfishly it is triggering a bit of regret about my own age and impending mortality :(.

This is a lovely little cover( live, little scratchy ) - link.

Northern Line, by Opal, is one of my favourite songs. It seems appropriate, as a song about leaving. :frowning:

I have always thought that “Fade Into You” would be ideal to play as the last song of prom. It’s slow and stately and just kind of lets you drift off into nothing.