Lights out, candles, hot chamomile tea, and Mazzy Star.

How do you relax at night before bed?

Lights out, parked in front of the woodstove or outdoor fireplace, covered in Dachshunds and the twelfth beer, Pink Floyd at about 130 db.

I put in earplugs so I don’t have to hear my roommate yakking on the phone at midnight, and then I try to wait for my stomach problems to settle down enough so that I can go to sleep, which sometimes takes a while. Sometimes I listen to the radio if there’s not too much other noise going on.

Those are the things I’d do if I were getting ready to commit suicide.

I haven’t followed Mazzy Star since their brief popularity long ago, but I still think of them as the most depressing band in the world.

Asshole licking aside, I think I love you for loving Mazzy Star! They are one of my favorite bands. The world needs more Paisley Underground music. A basic Pandora account is free. Do yourself a favor and start a Mazzy Star station.

Anyway, for me podcasts. Any podcast really except comedy. A Soma if I’m really needing to unwind. If I’m desperate I’ll listen to Shazzy, her sleep tape. No one can stay awake through that.

Alone, cats and dog near, CNN on mute or a old movie. No worries about husband or kids roaming the streets. Everything and everybody in their place. Then I am happy.

This is why God made Brian Eno.

Audiobook of Marcel Proust. Knocks me right out.

Speaking of Mazzy Star, I really like Northern Line by Opal.


Nice. Thanks for turning me on to that, Johnny!

Harold Budd for me.

The one they made together is a favorite.

Yes! That and his work with the Cocteaus.

I’m glad you like it. They used to play it on KXLU in the early-'90s. Something about it just grabbed me.

It’s on a great album, if you can find a copy that doesn’t cost your soul.

I bought the CD ages ago. And before that, I bought it on vinyl. :wink:

Ha! That’s hilarious. I’ll admit they can be depressing, but they’re also quiet and relaxing, with the benefit of all their songs sounding pretty much the same – ie, no sudden loudness or changes in sound to surprise you.

Ain’t nothing wrong with asshole licking! And, aw, I love you too! They are certainly good music.
I’ll have to check out that other band you linked. Cocteau Twins are also fantastic! Cherry-colored funk is one of my fav songs of all time.

Hope you already have this one as well. Jeez Louise! The prices are fucking outrageous for standard cd from a short-lived cult band.

Reading and then a podcast, something science oriented or History of Rome

Wash face, brush teeth, make sure Ivylad took his Losartan, crawl into bed with my Kindle and wait for the sleep meds to kick in.