Dawn of the Dead

Some questions…

Is this remake a true sequel to the Night of the Living Dead remake of a few years ago?

Is it determined that a bacteria or virus causes zombie-ism?

If a zombie is not “killed”, does it “live” indefinitely, or will the moribund flesh eventually decay?

How do zombies realize that other zombies are not “prey”?

Some guy says “when there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.”
Didnt the same actor say that same line in the ORIGINAL DotD?

Will there be a remake of Day of the Dead, or will there be a new movie to wrap up the original trilogy…Dusk of the dead?

No, it’s a direct remake of the original Dawn of the Dead. Nobody involved in the NOTLD remake was involved here.

Nope. The government spokesman in the movie says, “We don’t know” the cause. It is determined that one must be bit or infected by blood to become a zombie. People who die by other means–such as gunshot–stay dead. A mother can infect her unborn child.

They certainly live for quite a long time without food or water, or getting tired. A severed head can live on without a body. Zombies who receive what would otherwise be a fatal wound, but not in the head, can become “twitchers”, unable to chase the living, but still somewhat alive.

Not explained in this movie, but the usual explanation is by smell. In the comic book Walking Dead, two men disguise themselves by rubbing rotted flesh on their clothes.

Yep, Ken Foree.

No plans that I know of, but if this movie makes enough money, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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