Day of Protest, so far: dangerous bicyclists & peaceful marchers

Well, I’ve been worried about a Chicago '68 kind of situation, with the media saturated with images of warfare in the streets, the kind of thing that would be at least as likely to polarize fence-sitters against Kerry as to mobilize opposition to Bush.

So far, though…

• the media seems more focused on Florida’s current hurricane (sorry, Floridians, damn you’ve been taking it on the chin this month!), blowups in Afghanistan, blowups in Iraq, and peculiar happenings in the marathon at the Olympics.

• the big arrests to date have been arrests of bicyclists (can middle American swing voters be made to fear protestors on bikes?).

• the march itself, the biggie, is underway but doesn’t seem (so far) to be deteriorating into cop-versus-protestor violence, although there’s still time for that to change, I guess.