Where were the protesters at the RNC convention?

The way the protests have been going in many cities in the US lately , I thought we’d have Chicago 1968 again no matter how large a police presence there was. (Yes, I know Chicago was the Democratic convention.)

Yet the convention seem to go off with hardly a whimper of protests.

Can we expect the same this week with the DNC?

Since this requires speculation, let’s move it to Elections.

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This article in The New York Times has a diagram that shows how the protesters were kept blocks away from the arena where the convention took place.

I think so. They’ll be probably a lot of the same fringe anarchists and religious fanatics. This isn’t 1968, there is no war dividing the country nor are there prominent leaders being assassinated


Heaven help us, not yet.

But the GOP Base has been fed Concentrated Crazy for ages, & I have feared for the President’s safety from day one of his administration.

No sane man would regard our President as anything but a normal POTUS, but America is scarcely sane, these days.