Tropical Storm Isaac may wash away the Republican National Convention protesters.

This brought a smile to my face. :stuck_out_tongue: Here’s hoping that the storm dampens the worst of the whack job protesters.

People have the entire campaign to express their views and be heard. Why do they have to spoil either National Convention with ugly mob scenes? I was only six or seven during the Chicago Democratic convention riots. That was one dark week for America.

Come on Rain, do your thing. Just don’t hurt anybody.

Riots? Let me guess, the dirty hippies were using their heads to attack the Chicago Police right in their batons.

Because, as you say, they have the entire campaign to express their views. The entire campaign, including the conventions (which happen to be a rather significant portion of the campaigns). If you’re going to say they can’t express their views during the campaigns, what’s to stop you from then likewise saying that they can’t express their views around the time of the debates, or when the running mate is picked, or when a new round of advertising is launched, or at any other point in the campaign? Free and open criticism of politicians is one of the things that’s made this country great; let’s keep up the tradition.

And yes, before you ask, I feel the same way about Republicans protesting at Democratic events. Frankly, if I were running for office and nobody from the other party showed up to protest, I’d take that as a sign that I wasn’t doing my job.

If Issac gets the republicans, it’s gonna get me too. Even so,
I’ll accept a hurricane just to see the republicans discomfited.

What’s so special about a campaign convention that means people shouldn’t exercise their constitutionally protected right to free speech at it?

Anyone who thinks that protesters will somehow “spoil” a campaign convention either 1) has a very strange idea of what a campaign convention is in the first place or 2) has forgotten that this is America. Or both.

PS: While we’re all here: Whose bright idea was it to have the convention in a coastal city during hurricane season anyway?

I never suggested demonstrators shouldn’t exercise their constitutionally protected right to free speech at a convention.

If they want to stand out in Tropical Storm Issac then more power to them. I’m not going to cry any tears if they get wet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, I have been worried about what the Occupy protesters have planned for both conventions. That could get violent and we don’t need that. We’ve had enough killing and tragedy this summer. I don’t want either convention marred by violence.

So what was this supposed to mean?

There’s a difference in protesting and a unruly mob. I have no issues with people expressing their views peacefully.

But, there’s an element out there that wants to disrupt and terrorize the proceedings. We see it at every world trade organization conference. The convention’s tv coverage is a tempting target for anyone with a bottle of gasoline and a rag.

I would worry a lot about peacefully protesting. You never know how many nut jobs will show up with fire bombs and other weapons. We live in a very dangerous world these days.

And how many nut jobs have shown up with firebombs at other conventions in recent memory? And what makes you assume the vast majority of protestors in Tampa (or Charlotte for that matter) won’t be expressing their views peacefully?

Anyway, I love Fox’s attempt to put a positive spin on this storm (no pun intended).

A couple articles about the Occupy Movement and the conventions. They’ll be at both of them.

No, we don’t. There was far more violence in the 60’s and 70’s than there ever has been recently.

Fox is showing breaking news that the start of the convention might be delayed a day or so.

Biden cancelled his trip to Tampa. He makes a good point that local resources need to focus on storm preparation and any victims. They don’t need to be divided protecting the convention too.

if they thought god was on their side they would hold the convention. by delaying the convention it shows they aren’t sure god really likes them.

From CNN. Same thing they did in 2008 in respect for the storm victims that got hit a day earlier.

That sure was one of the ugliest weeks in American history. Governor Daniel Walker called it a “police riot” in his introduction to the Kerner Commission report.

Oh, wait. You’re talking about the protesters? I guess the darkness hasn’t passed for some people.

You want the protest stopped before you even know what will happen? Democracy and freedom can be messy, but it beats the alternative. The comparison to 1968 doesn’t fly if you ask me. As divided as the country seems to be now, it’s nothing compared to the 60s. Nothing.

First of all, I’m pretty sure storms don’t discriminate based on whether or not you’re a “whack job protester” or just a regular one. But I guess you don’t want any protesters. I will just say this.

I’m not trying to be all hoity-toity (“we’re so tough because our storms are bigger than your storms,” blah blah blah), but this storm is likely to be a relative non-event for Tampa. Sure, it’ll rain, there may be some wind, some stuff could get knocked down. Some people may get hurt. But these things happen here many times a year, often with the daily thunderstorms, lightning and all, that we get during summer, and those are a factor at this time of year regardless. We have an Occupy Tampa encampment that, for months, has been based at a private park just north of downtown. Those guys have weathered many storms this season, including Tropical Storm Debby, which dumped boatloads of water on Tampa for days earlier this year. They are SO not concerned about Isaac. And they have a local support network if it did hit the fan. Their worries are rightfully centered on the police harassment they’ve been enduring in preparation for the RNC.

Now, I’m a mile from downtown Tampa and it’s positively swarming with police presence, construction teams, cleanup crews (it’s clean down there, yes indeed, they’ve been milling around in their yellow jackets all week). The huge fences and barricades are all installed, the lower windows for convention affairs whited out, “protest zones” cordoned off; I believe the delegates are unlikely to actually SEE any of the protests except on the news. Maybe that in itself is more incentive for some protesters to do outrageous things. :rolleyes: From the article you posted above:

Also, you may notice that in that same article, the couple of marches noted are “sanctioned” and “permitted.” I believe that, at least for the most part, protesters are doing their best to comply with the ridiculous regulations that have been set up to “contain” them, but at the same time will not have their right to free speech suppressed for the (seemingly) pansy-ass Republicans.

Oops, did I say that? :rolleyes:

You do know, do you not, that peaceful protests are, by definition, the kind without the firebombs?

In 2008, I see to remember violence directed at delegates to the GOP convention. Bleach being thrown, credentials ripped from someone’s neck?

I’m not of the opinion this is not constitutional right protest.

Did you leave out a word here or something? I can’t quite parse it.