Does anyone know where I can find a website containing uneddited movie clips of the Japanese Dragonball Z?


Here’s a link to a spec sheet on the Motorola Dragonball 68328 used in the Palm Pilot.

Hope that’s helpful.

Thanks Billiehunt, but I’m talking about the Japanese anime show. Sorry.


Sorry; it was just a bad joke.

I would speculate it would be hard to find one, as most websites simply don’t have the bandwidth to waste on copyrighted, easily available Japanimation. Of course I know some pretty rabid DBZ fans, and I used to know a site that had Akira movies, but I don’t have the bookmark anymore.

If you get Cartoon Network and have a VCR, you can record your own DBZ clips. I believe they’re even having a 24-hour Dragonball Z marathon sometime this week.

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Toonami marathon, actually. That’s Cartoon Network’s lineup of action shows, and it includes Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon, and…ugh, Thundercats. For the next 8 weekends, though, they’re running new episodes from the Garlic Jr. miniseries. (Yes, they named the main villain after garlic. Don’t ask.)

And, well, if that’s not good enough for you, you can probably find something here: http://www.planetnamek.com

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I suggest that you check www.animeturnpike.com .
If you can’t find an adequate link there, I recommend that you check out alt.binaries.anime and alt.binaries.multimedia.anime. Both of these newsgroups have full subtitled episodes up
most of the time. You have to have a good usenet provider, of course, and i can’t assume that the average web denizen even knows what the usenet is.
but animeturnpike should be helpful.

You mean those episodes are edited? :stuck_out_tongue: Ugh, I can see it now…

"If you enjoyed the 30 minutes posedowns and endless violence, then you’re love the uneditted version. A full one hour of Goku staring down his opponent, the much requested hour of Goku concentrating on his Super-duper-ka-mega-ultra-intergalatic-spontanious-kame-fireball, and the hour of fireballs, exploding mountains, storylines not even little children can understand, and endless yelling,you come to expect in these classic UNEDITTED versions of Dragon Ball Z. Hurry, they’re selling fast. All 3000 uneditted episodes sell for only a small $9,000. ORDER NOW!

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that’s www.anipike.com

the editing is primarily to tame down the content for American audiences. violence, nudity, and such are removed in the cartoon network verions. Dialogue is often added in the edited versions to explain away violence, like “good thing the city that just got destroyed was evacuated!”

LOL, Louie! :cool:

That show is schizophrenic. Most of the episodes move so slowly that glaciers pass them on the freeway. However, when they finally get around to the action, it suddenly becomes a week of non-stop combat that you absolutely do not want to miss.

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My personal favorite edit in the show was when Nappa was having a lot of fun destroying various military vehicles, and then he shot an energy bolt at a plane and blew it to bits. Cut to one of the good guys (Tien, I think) who yells…

“Look, I can see their parachutes! They’re okay!”

This despite the fact that the occupants of said plane had maybe 3 seconds warning to bail out, and there were no parachutes visible in the shot. But hey, I guess it’s better to pretend something never happened and pretend that everything was all right to appease the parents out there. Fortunately, the editing has been less idiotic lately.

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Nah, the best was when the news crews are filming Vegeta and Nappa and Nappa blows up one of the vehicles they’re using (which looks like a Star Trek shuttlecraft, and thus stands out pretty well.).

‘Thank goodness it was only the robotic supply shuttle!’

Never mind that that same ‘robotic supply shuttle’ was shown with a camera crew looking out the back moments before.

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