DC area dopers: anybody want my pine furniture? (FREE)

I’ve given up on freecycle. People say they’ll show up but so far I’ve had three no-shows.

Anybody in the DC Metro area want my

  1. Coffee Table
  2. End Table
  3. Bookcase
  4. Bench seat

How much would you expect to pay for all of this medium quality pine furniture? No, not $1000! No, not $500! No, not even $10! It’s all absolutely FREE.

This is heavy substantial pine furniture (anybody remember the Pine Factory or Cargo Furniture?) and even though it’s about 15 years old it is still in good shape. Good for a rec room or student dorm or the kids’ new place. I never applied any kind of stain or paint other then a light wood oil when I first bought the stuff, so the table has taken on a few water rings but a light sanding will make it look like new again.

Here’s a picture of the end table & bookcase. The coffee table looks just like the end table but it’s longer. The bench is 58" long and can seat four people. The seat on the bench is showing its age but looks like it would be an easy weekend project to reupholster.

But here’s the catch: I don’t have any transportation so you need to get here with at least a flatbed truck or bigass SUV. I’ll help you load it.

And I’ll eventually be giving away the matching dining room table, chairs, drop-leaf desk and bedroom stuff later this year. So if you want to have a whole house full of this stuff, your dream could come true. You’ll think you died and went to a Cracker Barrel.

Two questions.

Are you willing to split things up? What size, etc are the bedroom pieces?

You can e-mail me if you’d prefer.


The bed is a queen but I’m not letting that go just yet because I haven’t bought the new stuff yet. At this time I’m only giving away the four items listed in the OP.

I already have one person responding via e-mail, so it might all be spoken for. If that person changes their mind or decides not to collect some of the items, I’ll come back and post again.


Sounds good, and no problem. I understand that the bed isn’t available yet, but I’ve been interested in a queen set for awhile, so I was curious.


Oh darn! I won’t be back to the northern VA area for another month, but I would have been there in a minute to get that stuff. I have the matching bedroom set - bed, dresser, desk, etc. I love that stuff.

Oh I just saw this! PLEASE remember me later this year! We are moving from CA to VA next month and will be in desperate need of furniture, and I love the Cargo-style furniture. We would take it in an instant. Please keep my e-mail address on hand and let me know when you are getting rid of it. Thanks!! :smiley: