DCI monitor to a vga computer..

Is this possible? My gf finally bought a new computer, a Dell Inspiron desktop.

I am setting it up for her. I have an old monitor I am not using, a Gateway monitor with a DCI connector on it. The computer has a vga connection.

I have seen DCI to VGA adapters, but do not wanna buy one until I get some knowledgeable advice. So. . .whadayathink?:smiley:

Do you mean DCI, because I’ve never heard of a DCI connector on a monitor?

Ooops. DVI. Sorry. Now you see why I need help.:eek:

VGA to DVI connector? Here’s an adapter for a penny

OK, I’ve seen those. Just wasn’t sure if it was to attach a vga monitor to a DVI computer connection or viceversa…

I have it going the other way…my new monitor only came with a VGA cord (although the monitor itself has both types of video-in), my new computer only has DVI on the graphics card. Luckily, I had a VGA-to-DVI adapter in a drawer here and it works very well. If I weren’t using it, I’d send it to you! :smiley:

The adapters work fine.

Most DVI connectors provide VGA output (which is what the adapter does; it’s just a cable with a the two different connectors at each end).

If you have a full-size DVI connector, you should be able to see if it does or not provides VGA: Digital Visual Interface - Wikipedia - the only variant that you can’t use is DVI-D.

DVI-A, DVI-I and M1-DA are all ok.

The laptop’s specs or manual should also include this info.

ETA: oops, messed it up. I thought you wanted to connect the other way around. Still, the info should be valid if you read it the other way round :slight_smile:

You can get a VGA to DVI connector. Be sure to get one that converts in the direction you want to go.

Will pick one up tonight. Thanks all!

A modern Dell desktop should have a HDMI connector as well as a VGA. What you need is a HDMI to DVI cable or adapter. Something like this:

or this:

A VGA to DVI adapter is useless, since if the monitor was able to handle analog input, it would already have a VGA connector.

Don’t be shocked if the cables are much more expensive in a brick and mortar store. Most cables in stores are marked up several hundred percent.