Dead body smell from car trunk-removal

Need answer fast! … Ok, now that I have your attention, it’s actually smell from 2 pounds of ground beef accidentally left in the trunk for about 5 days. :smack: The beef was in a shopping bag [del] hiding[/del] lying flat with a bunch of other bags. In Frostbite Falls, MN it wouldn’t be a problem but here in Hawaii - it’s rank.

No liquid got on the trunk liner - kind of a spray on flocking. Everything in the trunk was tossed. There’s no spare tire well to hide any residue.

So far - tossed everything; sprayed all surfaces with a disinfectant/odor killer (modest improvement); covered the surfaces with baking soda for a day and vacuumed out. The smell won’t kill you now but it’s still there.

Plan tomorrow is go over everything with Lysol/water mixture and a sponge then air out more in the sun.

Anyone got a secret formula or method they’ve used?

If you can leave it in the direct sunlight for a few hours with the trunk open, that may help.

Also, coffee grounds and baking soda mixed in the trunk in a dish for the day may help too. Worked for me in a refrigerator that had luncheon meat in it with no power for a weekend.

I once had to remove a dead cat from a crawlspace. It wasn’t too deteriorated but the smell had started. I found a commercial deodorizer from an industrial janitorial supply. I don’t remember the the name but it was in a 1 lb. cardboard can like a giant saltshaker, it looked like pink rock salt, and had the slogan “Will deodorize a garbage truck”.

I had a nasty smell in my car that I couldn’t get rid of a while back, and used an ozone generator.

This one was about $100. I think you can get them for cheaper, but probably no less than $50 or so for a decent one. It worked well, except for the fact that I had an ozone smell for the next week or so. But the ozone smell disappeared, leaving no more bad odor.




Another vote for ozone. Use it frequently at work for protein smoke and other nasties. It will get into every nook and cranny. You can probably just rent a unit for a day from a good tool rental outfit. It is very strong smelling and harmful in higher concentrations so being able to turn the unit off from a distance and let things air out is good.

You also may want to spray things with some Bac-Stop or similar anti-biological spray.

They have some enzymatic cleaners that are meant for organic waste.

Another vote for coffee. Sprinkle some ground coffee around in there, and worst case scenario is your trunk will smell like coffee.

If you have an ultraviolet light, use that at night to look for stains. Pet shops sell “stink finder” lights, or I’ve seen people have variable success with covering the flashlight on their phone with clear tape then coloring over that with a blue Sharpie, then another layer of tape colored with a purple Sharpie.

All right, thanks. Going for the commercial deodorizer today. I’ll check on renting an ozone generator.

If that dosn’t work there are service that provide clean ups for crime scenes. Perhaps one of them could help you.