How to remove the stench of rotting flesh from my truck seat?

I had some rotting body parts that I needed to dispose of in a plastic garbage bag. Circumstances dictated that they be temporarily secured in the cab of my pickup truck for a day or so. Long story. Anyway, unbeknownst to me, there was a hole in the bag, and rotting juices soaked into the seat. Now my cab smells like a dead body. Any way to try cleaning/deodorizing the seat?


ETA, I think Jules and Vincent might know a guy.

Hannibal, is that you?

need answer fast?

Enzyme based biological cleaners, at least, that’s what I think the specialists use.

Click and Clack would recommend fire.

Come on now, let’s be serious. My truck smells like some kind of horrible meat/cheese combination that is truly nauseating. This is no laughing matter. Ideas?

I hope you’ve learned your lesson about assuming that all garbage bags have the potential to leak and to treat them accordingly.

You could try soaking a baking soda solution into the seat; your problem is that you don’t have a surface stain, you’ve got really smelly, disgusting stuff right inside your truck seat. I’m not sure you’ll ever get the smell out.

The real problem is it had some time to really soak in. What would you say are the chances that the seat is salvageable at this point?

I have indeed learned my lesson.

Find someone with the same model truck and swap seats.

Coffee grounds and baking soda absorb odors.

Replacing the seat(s) is probably your best bet at this point and then just hoping the smell hasn’t permeated the other fabrics (seats, carpet headliner) in the cabin.

This “worked” on the “hookers” my “buddy” “found” in his “trunk”.

That the $10 dead body pick up charge actually is worth it?

I recommend bleach to destroy any DNA that might be present.

Always triple-bag it. Partly to hedge against the risk of a bag leaking and partly to stop the stench prompting people to check the contents of the waste disposal you put it in, or of animals digging it back up if you bury it. The juices should have been drained more thoroughly beforehand as well. In the bath.

I don’t know how to rescue the seat though, sorry.

Yeah, this was actually a double bagging. Thought it was fairly secure but I think one of the feet ruptured it.

Yeah I would start calling around to junkyards looking for a replacement seat. Even if it’s a different color than your seat, it’s still better than the stench of death.

Have your old seat frame stripped bare, cleaned, and then new upholstery and padding. It’s nearly impossible to get that stench out.