Dead exotic bird in the driveway

We were leaving for work this morning at 7 am and found a dead exotic bird on
our driveway. Due to the appearance of the animal, we
presumed it was someones pet.

It had an orange beak, dark to bright blue head. Body feathering seemed green,
fading to black. I figure it was a ground bird because it has bid yellow
chicken-like feet and long legs.

We placed the bird in the grass by the tree in front of our house. I posted a message on the neighborhood message board so everyone could spread
the word so the possible owner can find their lost pet, even if it is too late. So far, no answers, but I suspect the bird belonged to the woman down the street from us. She owns a large Amazon parrot and chickens.

Now I’m wondering what to do if it’s still there when we get home tonight.

There is something to be said for a ziplock bag (possibly two, one inside the other) and the refrigerator or freezer…

Is it a pheasant? They come in all kinds of colors. Probably wild.

Take a pic and post it here.

A mynah bird, perhaps? That would likely be somebody’s pet, I’d think.

Call your local or state health department and don’t touch it. They may want it for West Nile Virus testing.

No, it’s just resting.

Luca Brazzi flies with Finches.

Green Pheasant, perhaps? They may occur locally in the US as escapes or released birds, and in some areas hybrid populations with Ring-necked Pheasant exist.

A photo (or a much more detailed description) would be helpful.

I’m thinking NoLAFIN lives in New Orleans, but I’m not sure why I think that.

Any updates? Was it the neighbor’s bird?

Resting? It was nailed to the perch.

He’s probably pining for the fjords.

I’m guessing that some other animal came along and helped itself to a treat.