I saw an injured or sick bird on the apt. stairway today

It was a small bird, so it may have been a young-un. With west-nile virus and everything, I did not touch it at all. I used a junk-mail flyer as a scooper to place it under the stairway for a safer place to either get better, or die without being squashed. I called animal control, not expecting much, in order to find out just what should be done. I got the operator, who transferred me to on-hold status to be assisted by the next available representative. I waited with my cell phone in hand. Sitting on the stairs looking down at the not well bird. It seemed relaxed, swaying to its own heartbeat. I waited for 25 minutes for assistance, but no one answered. So I gave up and went on with my chores. About an hour later, the chick was still there. A little later, it was gone.

What more could I have done?

It’s a tough call. You probably did right if it was acting sick. Our health department is only interested in crows and jays because they are the more likely carriers of West Nile. You could’ve taken it into your home and tried to nurse it but it would’ve probably died, anyway, and a baby bird is a burden. Sometimes letting nature take its course is the best choice. We sometimes wish we could do more but we should probably leave well enough alone.

well said dropzone. the best thing to do was isolate it and let it be. There are quite a few diseases that can be passed from birds, not just to you, but to your pets also. I work for a vet and wee see things like this all the time. People want to help so badly, but the best thing to do really is to let it be.

you did the right thing road rash…it was more than most people would have done.

You did the right thing, mate. Agitating the critter could have done it more harm than good. Next time, scoop up the little drongo up into a towel-lined shoe box or something of the like. After that, call up the local animal shelter. Past that, there’s not much you could have done better.

You are a kindly person, and I believe the little creature felt your kindness,
Road Rash. As we sense it here also; safety is also utmost, as posted by the wise above repliers.
“…and heaven and nature sing…”