Dead man's tuna: a moral dilemma?

About 14 months ago, a guy I worked with died, tragically young, in a motorcycle crash.

I am really seriously broke, and don’t have any money to buy lunch, but I do have some bread and mayo in the company fridge.

I just found a few cans of tuna in a closet that I know belonged to the guy who died.

Should I eat the tuna?

Why not? Worst that could happen is he’d come back to haunt you… It’s not like you’re pilfering priceless jewels from his estate. Have a sandwich!


haunted tuna

Man, that’s gotta be right up there with “Forbidden Soul Donut…”

Dead Mans Tuna

…wait for it…

Band name !!! (you knew it was coming)

I say eat the tuna. He won’t be needing it anymore and I don’t think his surviving relatives would really care all that much either. Think of it as a gift from beyond. The gift of canned fish.

Frankly I see no problem with eating it.

However if you do feel funny about it, rather than throw the tuna away, why not give it to a homeless shelter?

Grmmmble prossiblootmm flmmptyspth?

Sorry, shouldn’t type with my mouth full.

Of tuna.

Yes, I had dead man’s tuna in my sandwich.

I don’t actually have a problem with it - it has occurred to me after posting, that what I was really worried about is my coworkers knowing what I’m up to.

I agree with the homeless shelter thing - and I would do if I didn’t have to eat the stuff myself.

Hope it’s tasty!

I bet this guy would be happy to know you had a good meal out of his tuna. It’s sort of poignant - you are eating it, and remembering him.

No different really to reading a book he left behind, or using a pen from his desk.

Once you’ve dealt with the tunoethical problem, why don’t you borrow his bike to get you home.

Oooh, Pergau, that’s really sick.

Now I am wondering what to do with his bodybuilder’s protein drink powder that I found in the same cupboard.

Ar? Maybe you can rebuild him?

Better than he was before. Better. Stronger. Faster.

I’m sorry, I just have to:

::clears throat and begins to sing::

It’s a dead man’s tuna
Who could ask for more?
Ev’rybody’s munchin’
Leave your scruples at the door…

<spooky voice>

    </spooky voice>

I’m glad you availed yourself of your fishy windfall. Waste not, want not. Heck, I’d have done it! As FairyChatMom said, it’s not like you’re stealing jewels; and I know if I were dead I’d like to think that whoever got what was left behind would enjoy using it.

On a similar side note, I had a roommate years ago who died while she was living with us (in fact, I found the corpse, but that’s another story!). The landlady (who also lived with us) gave us her clothes to divide between my other roommate and me. (Helen’s relatives, I suppose, got her other things.)

Anyhow, I got some cool loot: among other things, a long fur cape and a pair of fabulous high-heeled shoes. I had that stuff for years, and we always referred to the items as “Dead Helen’s Shoes” and “Dead Helen’s Cape”, etc.

I would have ate it and washed it down with the protein drink.

I’d have no problem eating the stuff… heck it reminds me of a story “dead mans chicken” way back in 1990 when was a young buck. I used to hang with a kid “Neil” Actually a bunch of us would hang. We were all jobless and broke. long story short Neil showed up at my house with a whole chicken. So we took my car to the lake for a barbeque. It wasn’t till after I ate some that “Neil” told me where he got the chicken. Turns out he took it from a fridge of a dead man .
You see his house(deadman’s) caught fire about two days before,the guy died in the fire, But the house wasn’t destroyed. Neil told me the electricity was still on so the chicken was still good :eek:…I dont hang with Neil anymore…

Hey, tuna makes a good meal. I second the opinion that it’s fine to have some tuna. Heck, it’s not like he’s gonna eat it, and his relatives aren’t exactly gonna want the can to remember him by. I’ve done similar before–after helping to empty out a deceased relative’s house, we all made lunch out of whatever was in her fridge. Thank goodness that it was all just everyday foodstuffs. If there was something special in there, like a cake or candy, I would have felt weird. She was probably looking forward to having this after dinner…

I was struck by hunger
Needed something to eat
I found a can of tuna that nobody else would need…

pesky auntie em, get outta my head now

I have nothing to add other than the fact that this thread had me crying with laughter.

Yeah, well, in return for his cans on tuna, you’ve got (checks view count) possibly hundreds of people who wouldn’t have otherwise, thinking about this guy- at least in a very vague way. And thinking of him as a young guy who died tragically on a motorcycle (very James Dean, that). And what more can the dead ask of us than we think of them?

So he made out pretty well.

Hope you enjoyed the tuna.