Dead or alive you are coming with me.

…To see the new Robocop statue

Okay so it isn’t actually built yet, but Woohoo It’s about time we starting having fun with statues. :slight_smile:

However on a side note, a serious wag of my finger at CNN.


“Cyborg” already covers the Half man part you twits. That just annoys me.

Heheh my husband wanted to watch that movie the other day, after hearing about this news. I was willing, until I started watching it - talk about violent!!!

Guaranteed some ziphead will crash his 9000 SUX into it within a year.

Or someone will put an ED-209 next to it in a compromising position.

They should put a Robocop statue in front of Dallas City Hall.

I’d buy that for a dollar.

Give or take 56,000.

Nuke 'Em!

I’d rather see a solid gold statue of Dig’em.



2000 years from now, some archeologist will unearth this statue, and conclude we had cyborgs in Detroit.

Or that we worshiped our cyborg overlords by casting graven idols of them to appease their cruel sense of humor (or they’d annihilate us!).

Good point. We should make hundreds of statues of them, cause that is so much better than the truth.

New York needs a 1:1 scale Kong statue.

Robocop speaks:

That is mind-boggling awesome.

He doesn’t think its silly AT ALL.

It’s great to see that Weller doesn’t take himself too seriously. Reminds me of Adam West.

Mneh. My personal feeling toward all the people who donated towards this is, you look at all the help and money and volunteerism that the city of Detroit has been needing for years and THIS is what moves you?

On the other hand as this project has grown there’s a movement to expand public art programs, so maybe something good will come out of it in the long run.

Why should Detroit object to Robocop? Woking in England happily erected a sculpture of one of HG Wells’ Tripods. This despite their town only featuring in his book because (IIRC) he hated it and fancied burning it to the ground somehow.