Dead PC - No Post, No Beeps

Motherboard: Asus P5NSLI
CPU: Intel E6700
Video Card: EVGA 7600GT (pci-e, but no seperate power)

I built my PC about a year and a half ago. It was rock solid till last week. Video failed, popped open the case to find half the capacitors on the video card swollen and leaking.

Tried replacing the video card, no post, no beep.
Tried resetting the CMOS, no post, no beep.
Tried each stick of RAM individually no post, no beep.
Tried new RAM, no post, no beep.
New power supply and you guessed it, no post, no beeps.

If I take out the video card, I get the correct beeps (1 long, 2 short), take out RAM get correct beeps (long forever). Mother board looks fine on visual inspection as does the CPU.

So, dead motherboard? Is their anything else I can try before I shell out for a new mobo?

Anyone have any recommendations for a Intel 775 ATX motherboard?

If the card was that fried it may well be that a surge or similar occurred through the PCI-E interface.

According to the specs the MB appears to have on board video. Is this controlled by jumpers that you could reactivate to see if the board is booting?

What happens if you take out the video card (leave the memory in) and use the onboard video?

Also, you could try using a regular PCI video card or at least a different PCI-E slot with the new video card.

The mobo does not have on-board video.

The 2nd video card I tried was a plain old PCI interface.


Take a look in the PCIe slot. Is anything there? Anything discoloured?

Take everything down to the most basic. Motherboard, no memory or cards, and power supply. Turn it on. No beeps? Motherboard is bad. I wouldn’t trust the original power supply.

No discolouration any where on the motherboard.

Without the memory, it gives me long continuous beeps. Without a video card, I get one long, two short. With video card and memory and a new power supply, no beeps, no posting.

I’m going to go ahead and have newegg send me a new motherboard.

What do you get with memory but no video card like Joey P asked?

Sorry I wasn’t clear, WITH memory and no video card, I get one long beep, two short.

Without memory and with or without video card, I get long continuous beeps.

Also, I assume each brand uses the same beep codes across all it’s boards, but if not, you need to check the model you gave us. I looked up the model you gave on the Asus website and someone else looked it up on and on both of those sites it says (And shows in the picture) that it has onboard video. So either the picture is wrong or the model number you provided is wrong.

Not to be nasty but - Nope, right model, no on-board video, according to newegg (using the link above):

Onboard Video
Onboard Video Chipset None

The picture in question: link

The beep codes I’m getting are correct for the bios in question.

That’s a SLI motherboard. Have you tried a PCIe video card in the other 16x slot?