Dead People flying a Plane

I can’t explain it either, Just saw this on CBS News

That isn’t journalism. It’s ping-pong.
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Actually, they may not, probably not, be dead.

Just incapacitated.

pRIVATE jET Out of Control

CNN just reported the story.
It sounds like they may have lost cabin presurization and blacked out.
Hope the crew wakes up before they run out of fuel.
t lion

They just crashed in northeastern SD. My guess was that there was some kind of gas leak in the cabin, but The LION’s sounds much more plausible. It’s a shame.

Well-known professional golfer aboard? Might have had to shoot it down?

It’s a shame though. If life were an action movie somebody with a crew-cut could have parachuted out of a plane above them, matched their speed using experimental para-rockets, torn open the door, clambered onto the flight deck and landed the plane.

I hear the golfer way Payne Stewart, but this is only a rumor I’ve heard… No need to get your knickers in an uproar quite yet!

(Sorry… The whole thing is bizarre and yucky. Honest…)

Yer pal,

If only Karen Black or Doris Day had been the flight attendant . . .

I heard Payne Stewart’s mother confirmed that he was a co-owner of this plane, but she didn’t know whether or not he was actually on board. This is a very weird one. I know nothing about planes, but it just seems weird that the plane could make it as far as it did. I’m sure there is an explanation, though. I just haven’t heard it yet.

Not to dampen the humor too much, folks. But…
FYI, my mother is an (occasional) charter pilot on a Lear 35 (the type involved here).
This kind of thing is scary information for me (and others) and not terribly funny.

According to available info, she’s not involved here, but SOMEONE’S FAMILY WAS!

Yes, we know, wireless. This is fodder for another thread: any joke anyone makes on any subject is potentially offensive to someone.

Who is ruder? The person who makes the joke, or the person who gets all huffy and teary-eyed and points it out, thereby sucking all the air out of the room and needlessly (and purposely) trying to make someone feel bad?

By the way, did anyone even GET my joke?

Last report (same link as above) reports the plane crashed in South Dakota. Payne Stewart was on board, along with two of his agents and two unidentified passengers. The Governor of South Dakota reports that there were no survivors.

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He was one of the nicest and most talented guys on the PGA tour. And I always loved his socks. My sympathy goes out to him and his family and friends. The tour won’t be the same without him.

Amen, DD. His socks were great, and I remember when he used to dress in the colors of different NFL teams.

My favorite golf memory is watching him play at the Kemper Open. First tournament I ever went to. He was one of my favorite players. sigh

I didn’t get your joke Flora! Enlighten me! I don’t feel as bad as y’all about this because I never knew about Stewart, but it sad they couldn’t do anything.

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Flora’s joke had to do with Airport '75 where Karen Black, playing the stewardess, successfully landed the plane after both pilots were killed.

Can’t remember the name of the Doris Day one.

Yeah, it was a funny joke Flora. I laughed. But go easy on wireless, from my take on his post, he was a bit concerned that there was a chance that his mom was flying that plane. As someone who’s lost siblings in a plane crash, I can understand his nervousness.

Leslie Irish Evans

According to the report I heard, they were dead before they crashed. Indeed, that’s precisely why they crashed.

It’s a unique story, that’s for certain.

Not being one ounce of a golf fan, I wouldn’t know one PGA tourer from another. But that doesn’t stop it from being tragic. And adds fuel to any fear-of-flying sufferer.

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My condolences to the families of all those who were lost.

Someone (I wish I knew who) has invented a parachute system for small aircraft. Simply put, the parachute is for the PLANE, not the passengers. It deploys from the tail, either automatically or on the pilot’s command, depending on the circumstances. It would let the plane down so gently, there would be minimal damage. Unfortunately, the aircraft industry is skeptical: What if the parachute deployed accidentally or prematurely?

Anyone else hear of this? I seem to recall seeing it demonstrated on the news.

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Talk about living an insulated life. Since we ditched cable. ( We’re getting back due to the protests of testosterone boy) I didn’t hear of this story until the wrap up on one of the fluffy news shows like Hard Copy.

It is too bizarre. Talk about a damnable situation for the air force of whether or not to shoot them down considering they didn’t know if the passengers were alive or dead yet. I’ve never heard of the Air Force going up for a plane that drops communications like they did.

It’s a miracle that the plane didn’t crash into a town or highway. ( Or did the FAA/ Airforce/Tower manipulate the auto pilot?)

All I can say is that it looks like they died very quickly and very painlessly. What a loss for all the families involved.

I used to work in airline insurance adjustment, and this is a very bizarre story indeed. I never heard anything like it, nor of the military being sent up to investigate an unresponsive plane, but that just shows how unusual this is.

After takeoff a jet is generally on autopilot, and can fly all but unattended until landing – or, if something goes dreadfully wrong, until the fuel runs out :frowning:

If they depressurized at the altitude they were found at by the F16s – well above 40,000 feet – they were unconscious pretty quickly and dead long before they hit the ground, poor souls.


I’ve heard of two other similar incidents; I’m sure there have been more. It’s rare, but not unheard of. There was one in Europe some 15(?)-ish years ago where fighters were sent up to follow an apparently pilotless a/c that later crashed over the ocean. (From memory; I probably have the details wrong). There have been other oddities such as a/c continuing after the pilot bails out, and making a rather fine pilotless landing in a field somewhere that left the a/c in good condition.

The other similar accidents did not (AFAIK) involve celebrities, which of course made them much less tragic.

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