Dead Star Trek Cast Members

Inspired by thisthread. I did a search on a linked site and saw Illa who was a hottie, so I clicked over to because I couldn’t think of anything else she’d appeared in and discovered that she’s been dead for four years! Yow! My geekiness is slipping! So out of all the actors who’ve appeared in all the various incarnations of Star Trek, how many of them are no longer with us? I know DeForrest Kelley’s gone, along with the actors who played Spock’s father, Harry Mudd, David Marcus, and Bibi Besch, who else?

Bibi Besch is dead? Damn!

Trying to build a list of every dead actor who had a guest-shot on Star Trek would be a pretty thankless task. I’ll only contribute Jeffrey (Capatain Pike) Hunter.

Stanley “Cyrano Jones” Adams.
Meg “The Keeper” Wyllie died just this year.
Susan “Vina” Oliver.
Glenn “Zefrem Cochran” Corbett.
Alfred “Dr Whats-his-name with the Salt Vampire” Ryder
Ted “The Giant from the episode that looked like a combination of ‘Forbidden Planet’ meets H.P. Lovecraft” Cassidy

And just an OT comment about Roger C. Carmel. There used to be a program in syndication called “Insight.” It was sorta like “Twilight Zone,” but with a religious slant to it. One episode that I remember was of Roger C. Carmel wanting to commit suicide and an angelic figure played by a trumpet-playing hip-talking Roscoe Lee Browne, who wanted to save him. (I’d like to say his name was “Gabriel,” but I do not remember whether or not that was the case.)

DeForrest Kelly is gone.

Bye, Bones.


James Doohan, most notably.



I have just checked CNN, E! Online, and Dead People Server and as far as I can tell, Jimmy D is still alive and kicking.

Though I’m sad to say I have reconciled myself to the fact that he is by far the most likely to be taken next by the Great Bird of the Galaxy.

Dammit, my error. I hate that. I remembered a news story about him being old and sick, and somehow jumped to conclusions. He’s alive, but not exactly kicking.

Any guy who can father a child at age 80 still kicks in my book.

The guy who played Tackelberry in Police Acadamy was on Trek twice, and he’s dead.

Don’t forget the guy in the red shirt.

Yeah. I’m amazed that his heart can take the strain, Captain.

I did not know that Mark Lenard was dead.

Why wasn’t I notified?

Well, Jill “Spock’s Girlfriend from the Planet of the Confetti-Spewing Happy Flowers” Ireland is dead.

Mark Lenard died quite some time ago, November '96, specifically.

Wil Wheaton is dead. Oh wait, no. Just his career.

Janos Prohaska, who played the Mogatu (as well as every gorilla or bear on “Here’s Lucy” and “The Andy Williams Show”) died in 1974, in a plane crash.

Prohaska was also a regular on Gilligan’s Isalnd, whenever a gorilla was needed.

Wow, Mark Lenard is dead. Didn’t know that. When was that Next Generation episode he was in air? Must have been very shortly before his death.

He is the one ST actor I’ve met in person. Much respect for him, I’m a bit saddened. Live long and prosper, Mark.

Nedermeyer? Dead.