Dead trees

My office always jokes about being tree-killers, because we’re a very paper-intensive practice (patent prosecution). A question came up the other day - how much paper do you get out of one tree, anyway?

I’m sorry if this has been done before. I tried to search, but do you know how many threads there have been that used the words “dead,” “tree,” and “paper”?

If you’ve not noticed, trees are all different sizes.

According to the American Forest and Paper Association one cord of wood will yield:


[li]7,500,000 toothpicks[/li][li]1,000 - 2,000 lbs. of paper (depending on the process)[/li][li]61,370 #10 envelopes (standard)[/li][li]4,384,000 commemorative-size postage stamps[/li][li]30 Boston rockers[/ul][/li][/quote]

According to the Britannica “a tree with a usable height of 40 feet and a circumference of 75 inches will contain about one cord of wood” and a cord is 128 cubic feet.

Didn’t you know that THEY said back in the 70’s/80’s that we would have a paperless society by the late 90’s? Of course, that was back when we thought that you typed with a typewriter and didn’t have a clue about what could be turned out with a computer/word processor and one little printer.:slight_smile: