I got this tree, and a deaf father, but what i need, is some paper.

Lettt’s say, i got this tree, in my backyard. Now my dad cuts down trees and makes paper outta em. So i have the equipment that makes it possible to cut down that tree and later use it for homework. But the catch is, my dad is deaf. Tragically, he can’t hear, probably from all the noise associated with destroying trees/creating paper, so he can’t tell me what i want to know, which issssss… .How many sheets of 8.5 x 11 inch paper can i make out of my tree? My tree is roughly 40 feet high and has a diameter of 2ft. I don’t know trees well but say that its the type of tree that is ideal for the creation of paper. And let us also say that we use the same technology that is used today to make paper. I know that most paper is not made from trees, and if it is its made from a combination soft and hardwood

HowStuffWorks has an answer to How many sheets of paper can be produced from a single tree?. He’s how he did it (using a pine tree): First figure out the volume ([symbol]P[/symbol]r[sup]2[/sup]h) of the tree in cubic inches – in your example (3.14 * 12[sup]2[/sup] * 480) = 217,037 cubic inches. He estimated the 504 cubic inches weighed 10 pounds (based on lumber), so your tree weighs 5,007 pounds. The yield of usable wood is about 50%, resulting in 2,500 pounds (rounded) of paper. Going with 20-pound stock gives you about 250,000 sheets of 8½x11 paper.

Damn, JeffB! Way to cover all the bases. So how much wood could a woodchuck chuck…

Holy crap! Here I was just going to tell him that his dad was only pretending to be deaf so he wouldn’t have to answer. Sweet!

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

I thought the question was going to be; whether or not the tree made a noise when it fell.

By the way, paper is made from both hardwood and softwood but rarely if ever in combination. That is why you need to sort paper when recycling and why paper mills producing different types of paper seem to be in certain areas of the country.