Deadliest Catch...Part 2

Just when I thought it was safe to watch TV again those brave men, the crab fisherman of the Bering Sea are back.

Second episode tonight on C4, this time these guys are fishing for the Opillio crab.

Already one ship, Big Valley has sunk and just one survivor plucked from the sea.

Jeez these guys deserve every respect

Love this show. We Yanks have already enjoyed the season - hope you do too.

I’ll let the mods know this belongs in Cafe Society

I already have Season One on DVD. Season Two comes out in a month or two. This show is great.

The programme currently being shown on UK TV is from 2005.

Is this the first one or what?

We’ve already had a prog. a few weeks back about the fishing for the Alaskan king crab (red one?).

I’d willingly purchase off any US doper any or all DVDs of the series no matter the years…I’ll also pay postage

If you’re interested my email is in my profile

Season One had the King Crab followed by the Opilio Crabs. Is the series unavailable in the UK to purchase?

What I love about the series is watching what they eat. Gluttony at it’s best.

As far as I know it is neither are available over here…bit like bacon salt :slight_smile:

Not gluttony mate, when you’re on deck for days on end you guzzle down whatever you can, when you can and as fast as you can has the DVD here

The Bacon Salt people will ship a sampler pack to the UK here. I think you’d have to be quite keen on it to pay 16 quid for it though.