Deadwood 6/18 - open spoilers

So – what was the result of Alma’s session with the doctor? Did they abort the baby? Or what?

Yep. Doc gave her an abortion.

Al vs Hearst is shaping up into a real heavyweight fight. Did the real George Hearst ever turn up anywhere with his throat cut?

Can’t wait for Brian Cox to show up next week. He should just do a wild west version of his Adaptation character.

This season looks to have more bloodshed than the previous two.

Wikipedia says no, but that’s probably common knowledge, since the guy’s pretty famous, even without being William Randolph’s dad.

I’m stumped (no pun intended) as to the form of Al’s revenge. Al knows that all Hearst cares about is the color, he’ll probably work to hurt Hearst’s business interests or damage his reputation. That’ll be as much fun to watch as bloodletting.

We saw Johnny’s butt! :smiley:

Well, the incident with Hearst truly cemented Bullock as “Swearingen’s man.” Before, he had always seemed somewhat aloof from Al’s machinations, but now it appears that he’s gunning to go to war to support/revenge him, even though it’s not really in his best interests.

Hearst may be a devil, but he’s a poweful, rich, and most importantly, a* civilized* devil. Standing with Al is fighting for the wild-west side of the situation, keeping the camp under Al’s control instead of going with Hearst (who’s in with the politicians).

Glad to see Wu is returning. I missed the cocksucker.

Excuse me? Wu is a celestial. Everyone else is a cok-suk- ka.

It’s most definitely in Bullock’s interests, because Hearst is out to take Alma’s claim away from her.

I kind of got the point of Hearst’s little diagram, but it still didn’t make much sense. So he sent some killers, and then told Al where they would be in a cryptic fashion. I can see several reasons for doing this - one is to measure out Al’s capacity for figuring out what’s going on and to take action against it. Second is to ‘make amends’ to Al for using his saloon for a previous murder by setting up a second one but giving Al the drop on his own men so he can kill them and set things right. But both of those seem rather convoluted.

Best I can tell, it was basically a way to gauge Al, while still letting him know that he could have him killed, before setting up a second and final meeting to try to get Al to knuckle under. Is that the way it seemed to the rest of you?

I haven’t been paying attention. Is this the new season?

Lets take a poll. Which finger do you all think Al will be missing? I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the doc was doing to Trixie with those mirrors until I saw him doing the abortion on Alma. I then figured that he was trying to shine some light on the uh…situation.

My friend said that he was using the mirrors so that he wouldn’t have to look directly at it. :smiley:

Damn this show, I always think of something else I want to add. Thank god Wu’s back next week. Al’s side of the cooler is getting pretty full isn’t it?

There wasn’t any way that Alma’s pregnancy could’ve been carried to term. With each episode lasting 1 day in Deadwood, even if the hiatus covered 3 months she would’ve given birth sometime in 2008. That’s an elephant pregnancy…err Olyphant. :wink:

I didn’t think Al lost a finger. I thought Hearst just smashed his hand with the pick which caused the bleeding.

Man, I love Jane. I kept waiting for her to go “blue” during the talk to the children but she never did. And we got to see her boobies.

E.B.'s speech was good too. How many ways can you say Jew without saying Jew?

Pretty much. Johnny and Dan did their exposition thing, which helped, but not much. In their words, Hearst was “showing his ass”.

So Al was placated, but yeah, it was convoluted.

I wonder why Hearst thinks that Al could influence Alma. Or does he think Al would just have her killed? Hearst could then take over Alma’s claim, or at least the operation of it, on behalf of Alma’s heirs. And Al and Bullock would be at each other’s throats.

He is most definitely a stirrer of shit.

As Pam said, they did have that quote about “showing his ass”, which I took to mean “I’ll start shit in your joint, and tell you about it before I do it, because I’m HEARST, BITCH!!!”

Just when one might have started to feel a little sorry for EB, he goes on that rant. Too funny. His entire position was just “don’t vote for the Jew”.

EB: “I’m starting to think you had a mother and weren’t egg-hatched after all.” :smiley:

Much as I enjoy this show, I can’t for the live of me figure out what Hearst thinks he’s doing, both with the diagram, and with assuming that Al won’t just have his head blown off in immediate vengeance.

Also, I didn’t really understand what was going on with Cy and Andy.

Neither did I-- that was a very confusing scene. Was his intent to kill the preacher before the other guy walked in?

I think Andy was sincere in his apology. Cychotic has gone completely round the bend.

Here’s how I read the Hearst/letter/putup job situation. Hearst sent the letter to test Al. He gave him an oblique warning. In Hearst’s mind, ‘if Al gets it then fine I know what I’m dealing with and hopefully he’ll be placated for the earlier incident, if he doesn’t get it then my men will off a potential thorn in my side’.

Its interesting that 7 or 8 weeks ago (Deadwood time) Al and Seth were trying to kill each other and now they are each other’s best allies. Milch talked about this a lot around the time of season 1 that Bullock and Swearengen had an understanding that each would oversee their domains and keep the whole camp/town functioning. Hearst wants to dominant both sides and that doesn’t sit well with either men.

And considering that (spoiler for the historical Al Swearengen) Al is penniless when he is murdered while getting on a train some years later. I don’t see Al winning the Hearst battle… but who knows what Milch has in store.

I especially liked Al’s line about “Having his (revenge) cold.”
Who knew Al liked ‘old Klingon proverbs’?

I look forward to Wu’s return… and it looks like our favorite celestial got civilized while in Frisco. He’s put on a suit instead of a dress.

[Pedant mode] I know that the Klingons were humorously credited with this quotation in Kill Bill, but in the interest of accuracy, the quote actually originated in the novel, Dangerous Liaisons, where the author, Pierre Choderlos de LaClos wrote in french “La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid.” [/pedant]

Anyone know who does the song (and/or the name of the song) that ran w the closing credits? The Music icon on HBO’s Deadwood site doesn’t link to anything. Good music.

I like Charlie but it takes that guy 30 words to spit out a four word sentence.