Deadwood 6/20

Waaaa! I’m in serious withdrawal.

Yeah. :sigh: At least we have Six Feet Under to keep us warm.


Sat down with my soda and popcorn, and Deadwood wasn’t there. Cocksuckers.

Maybe if we all got together and threatened to throw the producers to the hogs…

HBO2 starts reruns Saturday. This time I’m turning the damn VCR on.

We can still talk about it though, can’t we?


Will we meet Alma’s brother or some of Brom’s family next season?

Wyatt Earp – when will he show up and who should play him?

Did Doc intend for Al to kill Rev. Smith?

Will Eddy succeed in robbing Cy? How about Andy? Is he finished with Cy?

Charlie and Joanie – that friendship is going somewhere, if maybe just a joint business venture.

What will Seth’s wife be like? Will Seth continue his friendship with Alma?

Will Silas Adams and Dan become friends, or will Dan see Silas as an interloper and a threat to his position as Al’s right-hand man?

Will E.B. ever wash his hair?

Has Sol given up on Trixie? Will Al let her back in his bed?

Sadly, last season I was getting near the fence on SFU.

I think that Deadwood and the strength of Sopranos this season has highlighted just how damn dull SFU has become, to me.

JMO. . .but. . .

My god. People talk and talk and talk. It’s like watching an hour of people with their therapist.

Now, I won’t piss in an SFU thread, but i’ll piss in this one. That show is so goddamn boring. It’s needs some Al fuckin’ Swearingen in there to get something moving. Man, and now Brenda is going to become a therapist. Oh, good, more opportunity for psychobabble.

Is the point of the show to demonstrate how lame people will become if they all start talking to each other like they talk to shrinks? Part of the fun of the Sopranos is that we get all the therapy for Tony and we see how useless he is translating it to real life. In SFU, it’s ALL translated to real life and its totally obnoxious.

I’ve been a trooper with the show because the wife always kind of liked it, but finally half way through last nights episode, she was (finally) like, “I can’t take it anymore”.

The only good part of the show is the opening death (and it was FUNNY last night). At least they put it at the beginning so I only need to watch 5 minutes. The final 5 minutes of last week’s episode were riveting, too. But I can’t sit through an hour of TV every week, when I know I’m going to like 5 minutes of it tops. Me and SFU are over. I’ll be getting a little extra rest on Sundays for a while, I guess.

Side note: I actually had just cause this weekend to be be able to say, “now that’s how you scrub a fuckin’ bloodstain.”