I’m so fucking psyched it’s ridiculous. I’ve never done heroin before but I’d imagine it produces a feeling much akin to the one I feel watching this gloriotastic program. Entourage will follow as might a post coital cigarette. I will be nursing several white russians during this soon to 90 minutes and life will be good.

Oh me too. I rewatched the commentaries and features from season one yesterday, and season two’s final episode last night. I’ve been reading Matt Seitz’s blog updates and the TWOP board, even looking at TurtleGirl’s transcripts again.

The TiVo is set and I’m already looking forward to repeat viewings.

I have whisky (but no peaches). Three hours to go here.

“If the chance comes up natural, stomp on the cocksucker’s foot.”

And…we’ve just heard our first “cocksucker” of the season. God, I’ve missed this show.

Custer was a cunt. The end.

What was Hearst sitting on that made him tower over Al like that? It didn’t seem to bother Al, or if it did, he didn’t show it.

Quiet power gets me all a’tingle. :slight_smile:

Who was the Shaunassy guy and what does he do (I definitely remember the name)? And what did Bullock and Al think that E.B. had told Hearst that was so important/secrative? That it was his baby all up inside Alma?

Any idea what the good doctor is giving Alma? Dope?


I don’t know or don’t remember who the Shaughnessy guy is but I’m pretty sure that Bullock gave E.B. the beat down because he thought he had told Hearst about the baby. It turns out he might have jumped to the wrong conclusion, but as Al said, E.B. can’t really blame Bullock for making that assumption considering his history.

It’s actually something of a miracle that Somebody hadn’t already beaten E.B.'s ass a long time ago.

I liked the scene between Al and Hearst. It looks like they’re setting up a petty good rivalry for control of the town. Hearst is more powerful than Al, but my money is still on “Swidgen” in the long run.

He was the French fella that was giving Joanie shit when she threw one of his books on the ground. He looks a lot like the actor that played the Russian working the telegraph who, since I didn’t see and wasn’t a major character in the first place, may have been recycled ala Wolcott/Jack McCall.

I think it is a pretty fair bet that Al will prevail given that Deadwood wouldn’t be Deadwood without Al, that and Ian McShane is the star and Gerald McRaney is only a guest star.

“Looks like I sat in somebody’s piss puddle”

I wonder if Shaunessy (sp?) is played by Dan Hildebrand. Dan played Tim Driscoll in season one, and his name was in the credits for this episode. Milch said in a season one commentary that he liked Hildebrand and hated killing him off so soon.

I don’t think it was the actor who played Blazanof – Pavel Lynchikoff – I didn’t see his name in tonight’s credits.

Should we be surprised that the doc is giving Alma laudanum? Did they know about drugs and birth defects in the 1870’s? Or does the doc know something he’s not telling? Like maybe it doesn’t matter about the baby, because she’s going to lose it anyway? Would Doc lie to Ellsworth?

I can see Al losing some battles to Hearst but winning the war. Whatever “winning” might mean at this stage.

No, they didn’t know about drugs and birth defects. Doc was going by standard procedure at the time: calm the mother by whatever means, because her fear and anxiety could harm the baby.

The characters and the dialogue on this show are the best ever. The first episode of Season 3 didn’t disappoint. I love this show.

Shaunnessy appears to be a new character, a bookseller. The camp is evolving, and was probably beginning to attract more businesses that cater to the “civilized” (i.e. not miners, whores, etc.). Last season, I noted that the hardware store didn’t have just mining equipment, but had branched out into other goods – in the last episode, there was a candle mold and iron on the table where Star and the Bullocks were having lunch. A forward-thinking businessman would begin to stock more household items, since independent miners were leaving and families of men working for the “company” were beginning to move in.

I loved Al’s comment about Hearst moving against him: All out of proportion to his importance. Also, his comments to Hearst’s face about not being powerful, but certainly being dangerous. Two men taking each other’s measures. A testy little waltz.

Nutall, to wanna-be sherriff Harry: “Instead of bartending and running for office, why don’t you just bartend and let people come in and punch you in the face?”

I’ve missed this show desperately. Can’t wait to have Wu back to see what he adds to the mix.

Since the active component in Laudanum is morphine, there’d be no danger of birth defects in Alma’s child, although if she takes too much, the baby might end up addicted.

What was the deal with Bullock rubbing his nose throughout the episdode? Nervous tick? Since when?

Jane telling the class about her adventures with Custer: I can’t wait to see that. :smiley:

Excellent episode.

Took me a while to get back into the Deadwood ‘speak’ but once I did it was great.

Somewhat confused as the Cornish workers were speaking Irish. I didn’t know that Gaelic had made its way to Cornwall (unless I am missing something entirely).

…hmmm…A bookseller? It appears that he runs, essentially a motel. He owns small rooms and rents short term. I think the bit with the book was the motel ledger he was having Joanie sign in to rent the room again.

I loved this episode so much. So many great little moments. Even Farnum getting beaten lead to laughs as soon as Al walked in.

So what is the deal with Jane and Mose and the school. Is the classroom Joanie’s old brothel? And they just hang around when there’s no school?