Deadwood 7/2 -- open spoilers

Goodness, gracious, I love this show.

I don’t know which I love more – Swidgen’s soliloquies or Bullock’s stride of rightousness.

So – Alma’s got a pusher, now.

Yeah, I could tell from last week’s preview that this would be a generally uneventful ep, but I’m psyched about next week’s.

When will the Emmys create a “Best Soliloquy While Getting a Blowjob” category?

Favorite line in this episode was Con telling Mama Cooch “We can do this again in a few days!” :slight_smile:

The mysterious redheaded woman appears again. Intriguing.

Al broke my heart. Again.

I must watch this episode again. Very subtle machinations going on.

Note Al with his back to the door during the meeting with Tolliver and Hearst.

What was that all about with Adams – the “one who can’t be named”? I was lost there.

“I don’t like to be held down” broke my heart.

I have to watch this again. My housemate (who by the by will be/was an extra on an upcoming episdoe) came in and I had to explain alot of stuff.

The “one who can’t be named” is Hawkeye. Adams it seems was out looking for him. Al doesn’t want Hawkeye around but he’s still Adam’s friend I guess.

I don’t quite understand why Langrishe would agree to Joanie’s terms… why foot the bill for a new school house …when he could have just built a new theater?

This show is so good, but I never really fully understand what’s going on…

Who is Hawkeye?

Why was the theatre woman sleeping with the dice guy? Just because she wanted to? Or is there some plot afoot there?
Have we pieced together anything like the full story of Al in the orphanage? Was that his mother leaving he was talking about?

It seems like Hearst took more than just Al’s finger.

Hawkeye is Adams’s sidekick. He was with Adams with they first showed up as the bagmen for Yankton way back in season one. He’s the one Dan beat up because of his jealousy over Al seeming to favor Adams. I don’t know what Hawkeye did to piss off Al so much that he can’t even be named.

I think she has a thing for Langrishe, the theater boss, and wants to make him jealous. Plus, she’s just needed some.

I still haven’t got a complete picture of Al’s childhood. Previously he talked about being left at the door of an orphanage with a small amount of money. His mother knocked on the door and left him standing there, without time to even count the change before the woman running the orphanage took it. This time, he was being restrained by the orphanage proctor while his mother was on a boat that was leaving. She had apparently changed her mind about abandoning him, but the proctor wouldn’t let him go.

I think Al was just imagining his mother calling to him while he was being held down. He said something like she probably would have just thrown him overboard had he made it to the boat.

I thought Langrishe was gay.

On Demand will get a workout over the next couple of days, because I’m thoroughly confused.

The most heartbreaking part was that he said he wanted to go on the boat anyway, even if she would have thrown him overboard.

Poor Al. He almost made me cry.

Another piece of Al’s backstory is the brother who suffered from seizures like the Reverend.
I too got the impression that Al imagined his mom calling to him.

Steve the Drunk is probably one of my favorite characters to hate on this show.
I get out of work early today so I’ll be sitting down to another viewing this afternoon.

I couldn’t figure this out either. If you have to pay to build something, why not just build the theater adn leave the school alone?

I wondered about this too. Langrishe mentioned that the building was “well-appointed” for a school. Maybe it’d be cheaper to build a little schoolhouse than a large theater.

Loved Joanie and Jane standing there, wondering where the stage would be.

Also loved how the writers acknowledged Charlie’s longwindedness. That was cute, Seth bending over as Charlie went on and on.

Did Leon open a bank account as a front, so he can pass dope to Alma at the bank?

Maybe. But is it cheaper to build a schoolhouse and buy the whorehouse than to just build a theater? And as a bonus, you’d have a building that was built for what you want to use it for.

I would assume that Leon could also be paid by having deposits made to his account by Mrs. Ellsworth.

See, I can read the sign on the desk!

Like I said earlier, I missed some stuff but was I right in my hearing when Ellsworth started talking of Alma’s prowess in bed… That really… skeeved me out for some reason.
Ellsworth was being overly nice to her this episode I would assume to make up for being an ass to her last week.

The litte one-room school houses of the time were pretty small and spartan – it would be way cheaper to build one than a proper theatre or a well-appointed bordello.

Great episode, I thought – some things I understood, some I didn’t, and TWO blowjob soliloquies.

Surely she could have found someone on the more attractive side? There has to be some kind of con or some form of ‘discreet’ prostituition behind them getting together.

Good point. One advantage to agreeing to Joanie’s terms is that he’ll be up and running quicker if all he has to do is remodel the Chez Amie. Lordy, I hope they don’t do anything like that coochie show from Carnivale. Seeing that once was enough.

Anyone think Cy and Hearst are behind Leon, pushing? I’m having a hard time figuring out how Leon and Alma found each other. She has no street smarts. How did they get together?

I just rewatched the episode. Leon’s clearly feeling her out in the bank scene.