Dealing with leftovers in the MMP

Protein shake is in my stomach. Knocked out some administrivia while drinking it. Now for the cleaning blitz. See you in about an hour!

Cleaned my kitchen, logged into work early, worked, took off for 30 minutes and ran to Safeway, got home realized I forgot the dang shallots, put away the stuff I bought, and logged back into my computer. I took my work phone with me to the store, so I was available for calls while shopping.

Taking two hours admin leave today to get a start on the weekend.

Actually, going to have to break the list into chunks. My back is rather insistent about this. I do have a load of laundry (sheets and a bathmat) running, trash is out, and the litterbox has been serviced. I’m pretty sure they’re having an excretion contest. Still on the MUST do today stack: dishes and toilets. Any other cleaning (counters, mirrors, floors) will depend on how fast that ibuprofen kicks in and my overall energy level.

I guess I knew that but for some reason never made the connection between that dummy and this dummy. I just remembered how that nick name came about. Every year our college newspaper did a bogus April Fools edition, think “The Onion”. All of the writers adopted pseudonyms for obvious reasons. I used “Mortimer Snerd” as my byline only because it popped into my head at 3 am while I was trying to make deadline. The name stuck for the remainder of my existence at the paper.

Thank you to everybody for the warm welcome! This looks like a friendly place!

It was so screwed up and chaotic, ya think Elon Musk was running the sort. I need a nap, and some gin.


That would be my mom. But my grandma did(she was the hospital lunch lady).


You accidently adopted 3 cats in a dog suit.

And here it is, by request. Rant away! I hope I don’t get piled on because my thread is sexist. I tried to keep it neutral, but I don’t expect to see too many husbands post about their wives’ refusal to see a doctor.

Thanks, teela. I’m headed over there soon.

Knocked out the housecleaning section of the to-do list. Washer, dryer, and dishwasher are all contentedly churning away. I do still need to make the bed once the sheets are dry (amazing how the washer nearly braided them), and transfer the washer load to the dryer. Dunno if I’m going to bother putting the dishes away, since we very commonly use them out of the dishwasher anyway.

Slept past 2 p.m. (hey, I didn’t get to sleep till past 5 a.m.) so at least I’ll be functional during tonight’s busybusybusy.

Jeez, if I accomplished half of that in a week I’d be bragging to every idiot within earshot.

“I scooped the litter box AND scrubbed the terlit! And washed the dishes, OMG fear my powers!”

You’re welcome. There are some basic rules here, and some you’ll have to read up on. The big one is “Don’t be a jerk”. Also, if you claim that something is true, be prepared to provide cites for your claims or else suffer severe flogging. The board is tightly moderated, which is a good thing.

Oops, I overlooked this earlier: welcome, Mortimus! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all of the surgiversary congrats! It definitely hasn’t been a boring year, and even more changes will be afoot in 2023…bring on NYE! :champagne:

I am so ready for this day to be over. Even though I slept well I’m still a little tired, and even though I just had a full week off I’m ready for a 4-day weekend. Work has been a little busy today, but I finally caught up and have time to putz around the Dope. Now I just need for no one to bother me for 2 more hours… :wink:

Oh, I sent him a friend request months ago! FB shows it as still being pending, so either he’s not much of a social media user or he’s diplomatically ignoring me. :grin: I help him/his program a lot, and sometimes I wonder if he only chit-chats and asks about my shows to stay on my good side…LOL!

I totally thought of you and ICP when I was writing about LKWC!


Howdy Y’all! All the turkey day prep stuff is done. Go Me! Well, Tom is not yet prepped but he will be this evenin’ before sleep time. I had a beerverage out on the back porch as a reward. It’s currently 70 Amurrkin out and N.O.S., so it was right pleasent sittin’ out there. I may go back and do that again.

MOOOOOOM I would not re-freeze the turkey bird that’s already been frozen, but that’s just me. Make some turkey tetrazzini instead. I remember, as a cub, turkey tetrazzini was always lunch in the skool cafeteria the Moanday after Turkey Day. It was made from the leftover turkey that was served on the Wednesday before Turkey Day. Amazingly no one died from eatin’ it. Well, at least it wasn’t given as the cause of any deaths. That might have been a coverup, however.

Hope all y’all who are preppin’ and/or cleanin’ are done with or will soon be done with the chores.

I’m back. Still not done with the kitchen cleaning up, but, I have made a little progress.

The plumber came, fixed, and left. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be! But, when your hubs isn’t around to fix stuff, you still have to get it fixed. I’m just glad it’s done, and that I can have the water running, again!

I’ve got a pumpkin pie in the oven, and some crust strips, spread with cinnamon, brown sugar, and butter. My daughter loves that crap. So, that’s for her. I bought Pillsbury pie crusts, and only used one. The other one went for the cinnamon twist crust things.

Hubs will be home later. In about 1 1/2 hours. He’ll be leaving tomorrow afternoon, then, back home on Saturday. That’s stupid, but, that’s how it goes.

I suppose I should go try to finish up the kitchen. Now, I’ve got a few more dishes to do. Good grief. After that, I’ll be making hamburgers/cheese burgers for dinner. Nothing fancy. It’ll keep 'em alive until dinner tomorrow.

Have a good evening!

Daughter unit and her Hubby have been watching old episodes of NCIS on Hulu and daughter thought that a Farting Plush Hippo just like Abby’s would be just the most perfect Xmas present for Hubs. She had Amazon send it here to our house to better keep it a secret. It arrived today. 'Tis way cute!

We just had a lunch of grilled cheese sammies with white cheddar, goat cheese and peppadew peppers on 15 grain bread. I can highly recommend it.

I’m still trying to route the wires for the GFCI up through the bathroom wall. The guy who built this house put extra 2x4s in here and there that are making things much more difficult.
I’ve finally decided that I need to cut a not-small hole in the wall and perform surgery in there. Oh well. I want to paint the bathroom anyway. I’ll let y’all know how it goes. Maybe. :roll_eyes:

Yays, Boos, hugs, wet salmon, etc.

FCD is still with his folks et al. I’m glad I didn’t go with him but I feel so sorry for him. No idea when he’ll get home, so I just had a can of soup as an early supper. Crocheting is unaffected by the bum thumb, so I’ve gotten a good bit done. In fact, back to it…

Evening all. I’m sitting here at my Brother’s house on my laptop dining from the living room as 4 dogs (2 bassets and 2 bloodhounds) look greedily from outside. Trip up was pretty easy, no real traffic jams and almost perfect weather. Staying at a hotel since both nephews are here and taking up the bedroom space. Heading back early as they all will be going to church and I’m not a church person. Then T-Day tomorrow.

Have read all but retained little and my laptop sets new records for slow so a mist happy Thanksgiving to all y’all.

A cautionary tale to read to your kitties:

If you don’t want to bother reading, TSA at JFK found a living cat in a suitcase when they x-rayed baggage headed for a Florida-bound flight. I was prepared to be outraged at some cruel cretin who stuffed a cat in a suitcase, but–and if you’re a cat person, you’re way ahead of me here–it turns out the cat sneaked into the suitcase when the passenger was packing, as he does not own a cat, but someone in the household does. No charges filed. I like to think the cat brought along sunglasses and a tiny beach blanket.

I’ve made everything but the dressing/stuffing, and I have the prep work done for that. Mashed potatoes made from baked potatoes are so much easier and faster, and the taste and texture are good. I make 'en ahead from a recipe that uses sour cream and cream cheese and just zap 'em on the big day.

FCM, I’m sorry about your thumb. It sounds awfully painful.

shoe, I bet pizza joints and liquor stores are doing land office business today. Best of luck!

MetalMouse, glad you got to your brother’s safe and sound.

Bumba, it IS cute! This Q&A on Amazon made me grin:

My Hippo farted once and won’t anymore. What do I do?


Have you tried a double bean burrito? Worth a shot.
By Mick61 on November 10, 2017

Such a small thing, but shoe is the first person other than members of my family I’ve heard use a variation of whomp for those biscuits. We call them whomp 'em biscuits though.

I’m hiding from my family right now. They’ve finally realized how messy the house was and went into some odd dervish mode. They’re actually cleaning. No way in hell am I interrupting this.

I call 'em whomp biscuits. I believe several other Mumpers have used that term.

FCD is home, fried and exhausted. It was a rough day. But he re-bandaided my thumb - he says it’s looking good. I haven’t looked at it yet. Don’t judge. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got 3 meals worth of turkey in separate bags in the freezer. The carcass and neck are bagged to go to Daughter’s tomorrow. I have one plastic container with turkey that may or may not become a pot pie or soup or sammiches in the next couple of days. Meanwhile, I’m taking an apple break before returning to the crochet position.

nellie, when I first came to the south, I found that the local way of serving dressing is topped with crumbled boiled eggs and gravy on top. I don’t do it like that, but it isn’t bad. As for the phones going to developing countries, it is a for profit venture, not a charitable one.

Welcome aboard morty! Tributes of chocolate and / or beer will get you voted in as a cool kid and use coasters when Moooooom is around.

Glad you made it to your brother’s house safely metal mouse.

{{{ace}}} My mom always did up leftover pie crust like that (sometimes she would spread jam or apple butter on them for variety) and I’ve done the same thing. It’s pretty tasty.

Irked a half day today, swung through Aldi for a couple of things, ordered a few things from da Jungle and took Nelson to the dog park. The rest of the evening will be spent surfing and messing around in the studio.

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

Howdy Y’all! Mr. Thomas is all prepped and in the fridge awaitin’ gettin’ all roasted up tomorrow. He is now Mr. Thomas cause he’s all prepped and lookin’ spiffy now. Since I did not achieve nappage today, I foresee an earlyish bedtime for me.

Bumba if a fart hippo does not say Christmas, then I don’t know what could ever.

MetalMouse glad you made it all safe and sound. Stayin’ at a hotel is not a bad idea. You can escape the madness whenever you want.

ace the pie crust twist thingies sound num!

Nellie maybe he wants to become Florida Cat. Baked N.O.T. do make good smashed N.O.T.

Talky hide out and let 'em clean!

MOOOOOOM and Nellie too, I have always called ‘em whomp bizkits. Glad FCD is home and that the thumb is gettin’ better, especially since those cat butts won’t crochet themselves.