Dealing with leftovers in the MMP

Pies and gingerbread are done. Dishes (from before I started the pies and gingerbread) are done. The furnace guys are at work. I have a load of towels in the dryer. I just finished lunch.



Once the furnace guy is gone, I’ll prep the turkey for tomorrow. It’s going to roast overnight. I hope…

Since I either go somewhere else, or cook for one, leftovers aren’t a problem… I did have a problem with it being cold at work. And also the belt apparently does not generate friction in temps below 40.

We haven’t hosted Turkey Day for at least 20+ years, so have no leftovers. We usually would travel to Son and company’s house for the big melee, taking many pies. It’s a shame really, as I love leftover turkey, but it would never occur to DIL to send us home with any.

This year we are skipping that ordeal* and having the Daughter unit and her Hubby here for the weekend. We are having corned beef and cabbage and other boiled veg. Wifey is not as fond of turkey as I am, and I bought an extra corned beef brisket at St. Paddy’s day and stuffed it into the big freezer at that time. I also loves me some corned beef, which is unobtainium around here any other time of year.

There won’t be any leftovers for us this year either.

*It’s only an ordeal because #1 granddaughter has 4 children(!), 3 of whom are feral, and the continual screaming and wailing tire us out pretty quickly. I don’t know what happened to the fourth little girl. I worry about her, with those 3 sibs.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful week.


I like leftovers, and I’ll send some turkey home with so and wife and my friend. It’s funny. I’m fine with being alone e on T-Day, though it’s only happened twice, but I can’t stand others being alone, so I invite adultwaifs. I think my record was cooking for 20, which sounds like a lot of work, but really isn’t because you’re cooking the same dishes. doggio, you’d be more than welcome here. And I have a lot of hooch.

This year, I’m …grab that fainting couch…making that cranberry Jello stuff (cranberry sauce, raspberry jello, pineapple, and walnuts) that will go in one of my vintage Jello molds… I like homemade cranberry relish, but that’s the one leftover that never gets used up, plus when I was working, I never had time to make it from scratch. My daughter says that’s why it’s not Thanksgiving for her without cranberry jelly with the can indentations.

I love turkey sandwiches and almost wish they were the main meal of the day.

The swelling has gone down in my mouth. Maybe the bleach helped. No, I didn’t do a Trump. My dentist said 1-2 drops of bleach in the Waterpik improve oxidation. I’m going to hold off on the dentist, I think. I have to go to the eye clinic today to sign papers and set a surgery date.

Sooo much easier in the Day of the Microwave. When I was a kid, leftovers meant having to use and wash a lot of pans and containers.

wetone, good luck at the dentist. I don’t mind going, but next time I’m going to demand antibiotics so I don’t get an infection.

Taters, I have zero bills I pay by check. I can’t see paying for a stamp when the bank sends it free, and most of my bills are paid automatically. I also hate having to go to the P.O. to get mail, and for the same reasons.

Did we have the same dentist? Mine also didn’t use Novocaine, and he wan’t gentle, which is why shy, eager-to-please me bit him, as I believe I’ve mentioned. Our next dentist was nice but ended up in the trunk of a car at O’Hare. I believe it was for gambling debts.

I’ve been under the weather & sleeping a lot lately … time to catch up with y’all!

I’ve been invited to a friend’s home for Thanksgiving, so hopefully I’ll be given leftovers to take home!

My mother always makes an orange Jell-O mold filled with shredded carrots. It’s better than it sounds.

She’s from Poland, so she gets to make up Thanksgiving however she wants. She says she didn’t like how so many traditional Thanksgiving foods are beige/white and wanted something colorful and nutritious.

We both like turkey and we both like not having to cook, so leftovers are always eaten. That is actually the main reason we will be cooking a late T-day meal for us despite Mom and I eating turkey at the Phx. thing.

I’m glad you are finally getting over your crud. I’m so glad you didn’t invite me to your party!

While I loved MIL to bits, I hated staying with them because all veggies had to be cooked to mush PLUS she added sugar to everything. One time it was so bad that I snuck off to the grocery store and bought some celery and sat in the parking lot and ate it all.

There’s a lot of that going around lately. Thanks for checking in!

Today I made a big batch of vegan mozzarella ICK to go with the cow milk mozzarella I made yesterday. I’ll deliver it to the pizza place once everything is chilled and that will be it for November. Tomorrow I’m taking some other soft cheeses to a diner in BCC. The owner seems pretty excited to get them, we just have to hope her customers are as well. I wish it wasn’t so late in the year, I would have liked to offered up some feta as well but I can’t make any money using store bought goat milk.

I left my job on Friday. After a very long protracted extension on when I announced I was going and actually leaving, the day finally arrived sooner than anticipated when the Boss suggested I leave a week earlier than I had been gearing up for.

It was a good job, and also an awful job, to have. A toxic work environment, with decent people trapped in a hellscape they couldn’t find a way out of. I couldn’t go in good conscience until I had trained a replacement, it would have been chaos to do anything less, but I did it, and feel better for it.

Now I’m a bit lost on what to do next, aside from take a mental health break to rejuvenate a bit.

I’m sure you did the right thing. Take some time to recuperate, then get out there and find someplace better!

Currently assimilating a French dip sub (big treat, but I said screw it, let someone else do the cooking and cleanup) and gearing up (e.g. having a smoke) before calling my mother.

We got in a big fight last time but she messaged me last night saying she misses me, so … here goes.

She knows exactly what topics start a fight; if she’d just avoid them we could skip having the same fight over and over.

We must have! Or at least they had to have been related. One of my clearest memories of the dentist was being in the chair while he yanked off my braces brackets. He’d taught himself orthodontia from a book apparently. He and his wife were going through a contentious divorce and he was watching divorce court while taking off my braces. I’m surprised he didn’t take a tooth!

Moooooom, your green stuff sounds an awful lot like Watergate salad. My Aunt Janelle makes what our family calls pink stuff for gatherings. It’s primarily cream cheese, cool whip, pecans and strawberries. In the summer, she’ll freeze it before the dinner and by dessert time, it’s just right.

taters, you could go with garden salad or broccoli salad.

wordy, IKWYM about sales reps drinking. During my brief foray into selling advertising, most evenings were spent getting hammered and / or stoned. If it was spent with clients, alcohol was the lubricant. Twice monthly sales meetings began with cocktails, continued with wine over dinner, involved drinking at a local night spot and concluded with smoking some seriously good weed at the company owner’s house. Cocaine was also offered there, though that wasn’t my bag.

To answer the OP, I’m rarely home for Thanksgiving, but when I’ve hosted, I’ve sent stuff home with guests, packaged individually portioned meals for the freezer and eaten leftovers for a few days.

I dealt with GrandPads, Jitterbugs and another old school flip phone today (I actually had to google that one to see how to manually reset it, since my company hadn’t processed them before and didn’t have irk instructions written for them). Oy! I hope that we either don’t get this account or, should we, that we set up some irk stations to deal with old tech (iPhone 6 anyone?).

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

The house was getting nice and toasty, I was even able to take off my jacket.

We got home from picking up groceries and I said, it feels a little chilly in here.
Furnace conked out again.
They are coming back tomorrow, this time between noon and 4.

Howdy Y’all! A lot of sloth was accomplished today except for the makin’ and eatage of sup. It was a good day. Have I mentioned lately how much I love bein’ a retired drain on society?

sari sorry the furnace woes continue. Hopefully the final fix will be tomorrow.

quietly have fun on your campin’ trip. My idea of campin’ is Motel 6.

red I had to google GrandPads. I had no idea such a thing existed. I also have no idea why such a thing exists, except, my oldest brother and sil would probably like one. Luddites they are.

shoe glad you’re still with us. Yay on the invite for turkey day.

I know I missed stuff, so yays, boos, hugs, trouts, chitlins, noogies and how you doin’s all around, as needed.

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to heave after dinner. Gonna be a chilly start of Peak Season.

I agree. And feel better, and yay invite!


< sends Blackberry and Nokia 3310 to red >

I’ve had both of those phones…10-20 years ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

Evening all. Ended up watching World Cup games until 3pm, then decided it was too late to go to the gym (after all, it’s only open until 10pm) so instead paid my gas bill and got a Whopper at Burger King. Tomorrow I will have to get off my butt and do things in prep for my trip up to Brother’s, so I made a list, and once I have a list I tend to do those things (so I can cross them off my list, see…). So perhaps tomorrow will be more active.

Buc-ee’s had it’s grand opening today about 10 miles away from me. May visit it on the way home Sunday just for the experience.

Sari, hope the repairs take this time.

Shoe, hope peace reigns tonight with Mom. And enjoy T-giving with your friend.

Bat Boy, hope your next job is a better one than that nightmare; you deserve it.

Quietly, sounds like quite the expedition there; enjoy!

Boo fae, wet one, get to feeling better now.

Talkie, been to conferences like that; except in the Middle East, no drinking allowed in those countries (you can still get booze at the hotels, but never ever show up in public drunk). And Happy belated birthdays to Girl and You. Combined you’re still 10 years short of me.

OK, Whopper assimilated and need to do some stuff, so onward into the evening. All y’all take care.

Sari, oy!

I’m sorry you had to experience that, toxic work environments are horrible for your mental health.

Geeze louise. Did you get a cake mix to justify using the oven?

Hubs made salmon for me tonight and GG came flying into my room to hide under the bed. I closed the door to keep the monster out and when I opened it after dinner GG was snoozing on the bed which is an improvement from last time.

I had a frustrating day and a life lesson. I hiked to the bus station, took a bus, walked to the eye clinic for my appointment with the surgery consultant. She wasn’t there. And none of the other consultants could help, they said. All I had to do was sign two forms and schedule the surgery. Nope. Come back tomorrow, they said.

After I got home, I walked to the pharmacy, as I’m out of a med and had ordered a refill yesterday morning. The tech there is, as I’ve said, soooo slooooow. Five people ahead of me and 25 minutes later, it was getting dark, and I was getting impatient, since I don’t see well in the dark. The woman ahead of me let a guy cut in front of her. Aaaargh! My turn: the Rx wasn’t ready because they didn’t have enough for the full # ordered. They finally did a partial fill, and I dashed out of there.

A block later, a woman called out to me. She was looking for the mall so she could catch a bus there. I was going that way, and she told me her story en route: rough childhood, horrific abuse by husband; homelessness, daughter getting raised by relatives. No whining, no complaints, no bitterness, just a dogged determination to keep going. When we parted, she said, “You’re beautiful.” I cried all the way home, thoroughly ashamed of myself.

Sari, noooooo! I hope they figure out and fix the furnace tomorrow. Meanwhile, sounds like you’ll need a Three Dog Night.

MetalMouse, What are Bu-cee’s? Is it pronounced BOO-sees?

shoe, glad you checked in. I hope the phone call with mom went OK. I’m glad she said she misses you.When she’s, uh, difficult, just keep reminding yourself she’s mentally ill. I don’t know what her formal diagnosis is, but I’m pretty sure she could keep a gaggle of therapists busy for years.

batboy, I salute you for doing the right thing. I hope your next gig is a better fit and very satisfying.

red, so basically, we’re talking a Home for Aged Phones, where they can get the care they need and brag about the grands? (“Our little Samsung is the smartest phone in his class.”)

If it’s anything like the one or two I’ve visited … yeah, definitely worth it.

Be prepared to buy an odd assortment of items. I still remember the enormous wall of just jerky. So much jerky.

I’ve had so many experiences like that. Having a bad day, and then encountering someone who’s got it so much worse.

“I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man with no feet.”

The thing is, hon, it doesn’t minimize or take away your frustrations. Puts 'em in perspective, sure, but you had every right to be, ah, salty about what happened.

“Buck-Eees.” Chain of stations known for lotsa pumps, tons of bathrooms, and the most astonishing variety of merchandise.

We both behaved ourselves. She thanked me for the call (I was keeping her company on a boring drive) so that’s, uh, progress I guess.

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving! Imma bring an angel food cake (something lightweight to offset all that heaviness) and also because I impulsively bought a bag of storebought strawberry glaze - don’t judge! - and I can’t wait to try it.
But I can’t eat a whole damn cake by m’self, so what better occasion?

This sort of thing shouldn’t be that complicated. I’m sorry.

A couple of weeks ago, I put my name in for the yearly turkey giveaway but when I heard of the shortages I told the organizer that a free turkey would be nice, but we would be just fine without one if they didn’t have enough for everyone who wanted one.

The organizer just texted me to say that they had spare turkeys so they were going to give me three, 1 small one for us and 2 big ones for the lady with the twins. Hubs is going to move things around in the big freezer so we can keep one for LWT because they only have the freezer on their fridge.

No peeking Boo! Today I ran into a local woodworker who said he’s trying to make a few extra bucks for Christmas and would be very happy to make a cereal sized bowl for me. I’ve dealt with him before, he does lovely work but undervalues it so we end up arguing over money.

He once made a wonderful roll top breadbox, just like Grandma used to have and tried to sell it to me for 35 bucks. Can you imagine? I refused to take it for under 50 and it took almost a week for us to agree on 45.

The last craft show of the year will be Dec. 10, which sucks because I set the Secret Santa shipping deadline for the seventh. I might just make excuses and ship late because the latest thing out this way is bowl cozies and my Giftee might like one. I’ll have to think about it.

There are certain subjects that Mom and I never discuss. Thinking about it, all of the avoided issues are so minor that most rational people wouldn’t even understand the issue but that’s how it goes with mother/daughter issues.