Dealing With Those Annoying Slivers of Soap

never mind, misread.

Yeah, I still use bar soap. I use it for showering. I have bars by the bathroom and kitchen sinks. I use bar soap to wash the dishes.

And it doesn’t take hours or overnight to get a thin nearly-gone piece to stick. Get the piece and a new bar wet and a little bit lathered up, press piece into trough on new bar (Dial soap bars have a trough), squeeze it down tight, and it’s stuck for good almost every time.

If one or more of the pieces is a “creamier” type of soap, it often takes several tries to get it to stick without falling off again.

I transfer the thin bar of soap to the sink. I need a fresh bar in the shower to get a good lather on my wash cloth.

I wash my hands in the sink with the thin bar until it breaks and then I throw it out.

My parents always smashed the thin bar onto the new bar. It never stayed stuck. Especially if you rubbed the bar on a wash cloth. It’s not worth the hassle for something that inexpensive.

Being thrifty, I usually try to press my soap slivers into the next new bar, but I’ve been known to throw out a lonely sliver from time to time.

I’m very picky about soap brands (Neutragena and Irish Spring are about the only two I really like; many others are tolerable but Dove is nasty) so I am loyal to my bar soap. Neutragena comes in liquid form so I guess I could try that, but won’t, because that’s change. Change bad.

Then they weren’t doing it right. Or (as I’ve mentioned twice already), it does depend on what kind of soap one is using. Some kinds of soap are a bit more hassle than others.

My family always used Dial gold.

I still use Dial. Sometimes the white bar and sometimes the gold. I like to switch it up. They both smell really nice.

But never those bluish-green bars with the “Fresh Outdoor” scent or whatever they are calling it!