Re: Soap. Do you stick the sliver of the old bar to the new bar?

I’d always done this until I was married. It was just what people (i.e., my mother) did with them. General idea: Waste not, want not.
My hubby always threw them out, based on his worldy wisdom of what his mother did. General idea: Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Of course neither of us thought we could ask our friends without appearing petty.
So we compromised and kept separate soap dishes and separate habits.

But now I wonder what other people do.

I fixed that problem by not using bar soap at all. :slight_smile:

If I did, I’d probably toss slivers.

I stick them together.

I stick them together. Did this very morning, in fact.

Mine never really stick all that well so I usually just get a new one.

I stick them together, my mother took it to another level though. She used to save up the slivers, melt them on the stove and pour them into an ancient mold she had.

It seems cheaper and a lot less work to just stick the slivers onto a new bar.


I stick the sliver to the new bar.

I remember my grandmother saving up the bars like What Exit?'s mother did, but I’m not exactly sure what she did with them. I think mostly we used them until they were gone.

We never stuck them together when I was growing up, but my wife did, and I started doing it too. The problem is that to get the sliver small enough to stick easily, it’s not really large enough to still use in the shower easily. Just recently, I’ve started letting my sink bar get really small, and sticking that to the bar from the shower when it’s moderately small, but still usable. That way, the shower bar is always large enough, and the sink bar doesn’t have to be as big to be useful.

my mum placed the slivers on the new bar. or shaved the slivers for hand washing of unmentionables.

i use liquid soap.

I rarely use bar soap anymore, but when I did, and if I will again, then nope, sliver goes in the trash. It’s what, ten cents worth of soap at best? Plus, I always found it hard to get the sliver to stick, and what if the new bar of soap is a different brand from the old one? What then?

I take the sliver and use it at the sink for hand soap. But then I use really expensive Lush soap, so I don’t really want to waste it. If I were using less expensive soap I think I’d just throw it away.


I chuck the sliver of the old bar into the sink where it gradually disappears over the next few days. Except for every once in a while, when I toss it in the loo. Pretty silly, really. Sticking the old bar to the new bar, you say? Damn, that’s a good idea. I should probably have thought of that. :smack:

I just use the sliver until it’s gone. Once it’s small enough to be difficult to use effectively, it’s only got another minute or two of life left anyway.

I suspect one question might have been answered.

Am I the only person who doesn’t know what happens to the slivers? Generally, I keep forgetting to buy more soap and use it until it is miniscule. Then, in all the confusion of the shower, the sliver is just kind of gone, some times it gets small enough to go down the drain, but other times I can only assume my wife is eating them.

Grab the new bar before the sliver gets too small. Then use both of them in the shower that day. The way the sliver is pliable, and the outer skin of the new one is mushy. They stick together rather permanently once they’ve dried that way.

But of course! How else would one do so?

Saving sliver sticker here. NurseCarmen’s got the technique right.

I stick them together, too. I’ll be doing it tomorrow morning, actually.