Dear Abby

Did I miss it, or did Dear Abby not do a column on her sister’s death (Ann Landers?)

All I’ve read are normal columns…I would have thought she would have done a column on her sister.

Jeanne Phillips (Abby’s daughter) wrote one today, at least according to my e-mail newsletter version. (It doesn’t always align with what’s in the paper.) Some papers might hold it until July 4, Ann and Abby’s birthday.

Scarlett, what’s your e-mail newsletter? I was getting them from E-mazing, but after Ann Landers death they substituted the Dear Abby column with Daybreak.

Here you go:

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I read Ann Landers at the Washington Post site, along with Miss Manners. Wonder what they’ll do when the columns run out on July 27 (according to the Post)?

She said the Ann Landers name would die with her, so I guess this will be it. The L.A. Times seems to have been preparing for the inevitable death of either Ann or Abby by working in another advice column called Tell Me About it.