Dear Chase, Citibank, et al....STOP IT!!!!

Back in the day, many moons ago, I held their credit cards. I cancelled these cards. It was nothing against their services. I just felt I had too many credit cards and I wasn’t using their’s. It was nothing personal.

Flash forward several years. I get ‘offers’ in the mail. Offers to get a credit card from them again. Some of the offers seem …OK…but I am just not interested.

But the offers keep coming. And coming faster and faster.

I get three offers from Chase EVERY GODDAMNED WEEK. I wish I was exaggerating, but I’m not. At least 3 times a week, I get an application that already has my name and address on it. Each envelope has at least 3 pieces of paper in it.

Is this good business sense? Does this strategy pay? How paper is wasted to do this? I cannot imagine I am the only one. I am one little person in a very big city. There must be tens of thousands of people like me in L.A. alone. Are all of these people being bombarded with envelopes like I am? Am I last guy with decent credit? And even if I filled out the application and got the card, can my business pay for what you have already wasted in paper, ink, envelopes, printing, man hours and delivery costs???

I would think that a computer program would figure out that papering me like this has not been cost effective. I would think they may better suited to hit me, say once a month.

And it’s not just Chase. Citibank and USBank are doing it too.

Bank of America and Discover keep sending me offers to spend more money and I already have their cards. Seriously, B of A and Disover send me checks in mail every month.

I cannot conceive of the amount of paper that has been shoved into my mailbox alone over the last couple of years. There is a bald patch in a rainforest that is growing in a fruitless attempt to get me to spend more money.

Try opting out. I did it and it cuts these offers way down.

That’s what you get for paying your bills on time.

You can also call BoA and Discover and ask them to stop sending you those checks every month. it may take a month or two for it to take effect, but they’re willing to do it. (Well, Discover is; I don’t have a BoA credit card.)

Second the suggestion just to call the banks. I did so after I kept getting solicitations for the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards card from Chase (like twice a week). I was considering just cancelling my membership in the Southwest Airlines frequent flyer program but I called the bank instead. Just use the same toll-free number that’s already in those mailings and politely ask them to stop sending mail.

This. Took my credit card offers from about ~3 a day (mostly from Capitol One, though I’ve never used them) to about 1 a week.

I went and opted out via e-mail.

I had to enter the ‘word’ to confirm. Only took me 16 tries to get it right.

Thanks for the link, though!

Takes a few weeks for the mailings to stop, but it does work.

I wonder if there’s a way to opt out of all the damned insurance offers I keep getting. Seriously, Geico has sent me enough paper to reprint a Harry Potter book.

I must look into this.

A-ha! That link allows you to opt out of insurance offers as well as credit card offers! Permanent opt-out, here I come.

You opt out and you’ll never get the 2 in 1 travel companion with restroom guide and hand wipes.

I had opted out of credit card offers a while ago, but I don’t remember having to mail in anything (which you have to do for permanent opt-out at the link provided). And I don’t remember being able to opt out of insurance offers, so it might have been through some other site.

It would be nice to stop getting offers for auto insurance, since I don’t drive. Talk about wasted effort on the part of the insurance companies!

Guess I need to opt out. Even after accepting one of the Citi Card solicitations and opening an account, I still get solicitations from them at least once a week.

Instead of opting out, you could always use the posted paid envelope, and stick everything back in the envelope that doesn’t have your name or address on it. There is a surprising amount of stuff that you can send right back to the credit card, insurance, or whatever company is bombarding your mailbox.

just a thought. Not that I’ve ever done it of course. But it would help out the post office AND if done in a large enough volume, could help save some trees… and ink.

I had issues with Bell Canada sending me ads for digital TV. I was getting three envelopes a week. I am on their “Do Not Mail” list as well as their “Do Not Text” and “Do Not Call” lists. They were recently fined $1.3 million because they contracted out to a provider who ignored the “Do Not Call” list. I got the postal mail for their digital TV service to stop when I collected two months worth and sent it to their VP of marketing along with a note saying that as a result of their mail campaign I was never, EVER going to subscribe for their TV service, and for every piece of junk mail I received after a particular date, I would be unsubscribing from one of their services to which I did subscribe. That put a very sudden end to the deluge of mail.